Who is Euro-Optics UK and what products do you sell?

Euro-Optics UK is a company specialising in the manufacture and Wholesale supply of Adult and Children’s Sunglasses, Reading Glasses, Display Stands and Eyewear Accessories. We operate from London, supplying Businesses, Sole Traders and Private Customers in the UK and most Worldwide locations.

Can I buy Wholesale Sunglasses online without registering as a Euro-Optics UK Customer?

You can view all our models without registering but you must register in order to view prices and or place orders. If you don’t wish to buy online you can also  VISIT our SHOWROOM in LONDON  and buy CASH & CARRY. You can also order by FAX (020 8902 9701), TELEPHONE (020 8902 9700) or E-MAIL. Any queries you may have can be answered by completing the  CONTACT  us form.

Can I buy Samples of your Wholesale Sunglasses and Reading Glasses?

To protect our Customer’s interests we do not sell samples. You are more than welcome to view our full Range of Sunglasses, Reading Glasses and Eyewear Accessories at our Warehouse and Showroom from Monday to Friday (9:00am to 5:00 pm).

What if I want to place an Order for under £99?

To protect our customer’s interests we do not supply Orders under the minimum of £99.

I don’t see a certain Model listed anymore that I want to buy or it’s displayed as out of stock ?

Wholesale Sunglasses, Reading Glasses and Eyewear Accessories that are discontinued and no longer in stock are removed from our website. We re-stock current models on a regular basis. You may find that some models showing OUT OF STOCK will be available for sale on our website at a future date. If you have a query please use the  CONTACT  us page and a member of our sales team will update you on our product availability.

Can I place a Backorder for items out of stock on your website?

At present Backorder of OUT OF STOCK Wholesale Sunglasses, Reading Glasses and Eyewear Accessories is not available but we’ll be looking to introduce this facility on the website in the future. You can however request a Backorder by sending us an email  CONTACT .

Will I get a VAT Invoice for my goods?

All UK Orders will be issued full VAT Invoice, detailing all products purchased. Export Orders that do meet our criteria as detailed in our  TERMS & CONDITIONS  are not charged VAT on their Invoice.

What Payment Methods does Euro-Optics UK accept?

Please refer to our  TERMS & CONDITIONS  page for details on payment methods.

How secure is the Euro-Optics UK website when entering my Payment Information?

Euro Optics UK uses  SAGEPAY  as our UK Online Credit / Debit Card Payment processor who are an industry leader renowned for offering a high level of security through a user friendly payment portal. Please note YOUR FINANCIAL DETAILS ARE NOT HELD ON OUR WEBSITE. If in doubt you can choose to make a card payment over the Telephone by calling our Sales Office on 020 8902 9700. Alternatively you can choose to pay by Bank Transfer.

How will I know you have received my Order?

When you have placed your order an automated email will be sent to you and us with full details of the order. When it has been picked, processed and despatched you will receive “Your Order is Complete” update. This is processed manually by our sales staff so you can rest assured that your goods are on their way to you.

How do your Delivery Charges work and how soon can I get my goods if I place an Order?

Please see the charges and time scales involved on the  DELIVERY INFORMATION  page.

I want to Cancel or Amend my Order?

This is possible but please contact as soon as possible by Telephone on 020 8902 9700 to cancel or amend your order, delay in contacting us can result in the order being dispatched.

The website does not allow me to set up an account and buy for my country?

If your country is not listed when registering please inform us via the  CONTACT  page and a member of our sales team will help to process your order.

What are the Wholesale Branded and Unbranded Sunglasses and Reading Glasses that you do?

Please refer to the  ABOUT US  page for a complete detailed list of all our branded and unbranded ranges. Alternatively, whilst on any page, please click on the PRODUCTS button along the top bar or on the bottom of the page click on any individual range.

What does it mean when it says Assorted Colours in a Box?

When it’s stated in the DESCRIPTION section “X Assorted Colours in a Box” it refers to the number of colour combinations of lenses and or frame colours per Model packed as a 1 Dozen Box. The amount of colour combinations varies from model to model but in any case on any individual product details page the number of images will equate to the exact number of colour combinations. If you would like further clarification on this or help with colour breakdowns for any model, please send us a message via the  CONTACT  page and a member of our sales team will advise you.

What does the UV Protection information in Description Section mean?

100% UV Protection

Your sunglasses will protect your eyes against UV rays and absorb 100% of harmful UVA and UVB rays. The statement above advises you that the lenses of the product is fully compliant with European Test Standards for Sunglasses, regarding protection from sunlight. All our Sunglasses and Reading Glasses have an identifiable product code on the inner side of the frame arm along with the CE / UV Protection information booklet and are packaged individually in a clear plastic bag.

Cant find the answer to a question here?

Use the  CONTACT  page to send our sales team an email or contact us by telephone on 020 8902 9700 with any query you may have.

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