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EURO-OPTICS: Eyewear Wholesaler and Distributor in the UK for over 25 years

As a leader in the Eyewear Market, every year Euro-Optics UK launches hundreds of new styles in line with the very latest market trends. We stock in excess of 1,200 models to suit the fashion conscious buyer as well as the more conservative customer. Our online catalogue and shop feature a wide range of fashion best suited for all age groups and specific target customers. We try to provide the best service so you can run your business smoothly and with no hassle. If you’re a Market Trader, E-Commerce Shop, Independent Trade Shop, Chemist, Pharmacy or Multi-Chain Store searching for quality spectacles and are looking for Wholesale Eyewear for Men, Women and Kids please browse our online store and you will surely find what you need.

Eyewear Brands, Collections, Accesories & Display Stands

Alongside our Unbranded Collection, we’ve also developed our own specialised line of Wholesale Eyewear Brands, which over the years has become known for the latest fashion trends and highest quality for the low budget market. All our Wholesale Sunglasses and Reading Glasses Brands have a branded Barcode Kimberly attached to the optical frame as well as branded packaging. If you’re looking for Wholesale Supplier of Adult and Children’s Sunglasses, Reading Glasses, Display Stands and Eyewear Accessories, Euro-Optics UK offers very competitive prices.




The Latest in Fashion Eyewear

At Euro-Optics UK we continually monitor the latest trends in eyewear fashion. We sell an array of new eclectic designs and retro modelling all with the best quality frames, optical and lens materials for the low budget market. With hundreds of styles, colours and designs to choose from, Euro-Optics UK Online Wholesale Eyewear Catalogue is the perfect choice for customers and businesses searching for fashion eyewear at affordable prices.

Wholesale Unbranded Sunglasses

Our Wholesale Unbranded Sunglasses are sold in plain white boxes as a set of 12 piece box per model in pre-assorted colours. These sunglasses do not have any brand packaging and are also supplied with a plain Barcode Kimberly.

Wholesale Polarized Sunglasses

Polarized Sunglasses are specially designed to block horizontal glare from the sun when reflected off water, snow, metal and various road surfaces. Polarized Sunglasses are ideal for skiing, fishing, cycling, motorbikes, golfing, jogging and other outdoor based activities. Our Polarized Sunglasses are made with high quality lenses manufactured in the USA and are sold by the single piece. Preference of colour is not available but where possible we will try to supply you with each colour if you’re ordering more than 1 piece per model.

Wholesale Reading Glasses

Fashion Reading Glasses are becoming ever more popular. We launch new styles throughout the year and these have been a great success for many of our customers. As a seller it’s a great time to get into this under represented market and grow your customer base for Fashion Reading Glasses.

Wholesale Eyewear Accessories

To help compliment and merchandise your eyewear collections you can choose from a variety of protective soft and hard cases, neck strap cords, counter top and floor display stands.

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