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Reading Glasses

Reading glasses have to be practical and comfortable and in most cases, they need to be fashionable to. The reading glasses at our wholesale all meet these requirements. We offer a wide variety of reading glasses for men and women, so you will be able to put together a coherent collection which will please your clients.
Wholesale reading glasses

Due to our wide range of reading glasses there is always a lot of choice in materials, colors and frames. The glasses will be delivered in boxes of 12 pieces. Each box contains different frame colors and multiple diopter strengths. The content of the box is explained on the product pages.

Top quality INfocus reading glasses

Most of the reading glasses in our product range are INfocus glasses. This brand offers great quality reading glasses in a variety of diopter strengths from +1 to +3. Our range is regularly updated with glasses that follow the latest fashion trends. Of course, we have a few classic frames that are always available. Whether you choose a fashionable pair of reading glasses or one of our timeless frames, you will always get great quality and low wholesale prices.

Euro-Optics: your trusted glasses wholesaler

We have been active in the reading glasses business for over forty years and in the mean time we have gathered a lot of experience in this business. Therefore, our specialists can help you put together a successful collection. If you are interested in this service, please contact us. We would be glad to help by telling you all about the latest trends and popular frames.

Put together your inquiry and receive a personal offer

We would gladly make you a personal offer for the reading glasses you are interested in. You can put together your own inquiry by adding products to your basket in our shop. Complete the inquiry and send it to us. We will reply as soon as possible with an offer for the products in your inquiry.