Wholesale Sunglasses Brands

With over 30 years experience supplying sunglasses, frames and accessories, Euro Optics is one of the leading suppliers of wholesale sunglasses in Europe. These are some of the wholesale sunglasses brands currently sold at Euro Optics UK Ltd in London.

Due to exceptional quality Paolo Renna has rapidly become one of Euro Optics UK top selling wholesale sunglasses brands. The quality of Paolo Renna frames help protect the eyes from the harmful effects of sun rays and brightness. Also, the sporty design makes the brand quite popular among sports people and travelers.

Click here to view this year’s collection of Paolo Renna wholesale sunglasses and stands.

Another popular wholesale sunglasses brand at Euro Optics is Revex. Revex manufactures wholesale polarized sunglasses made with a special optical lens manufactured in the USA. Revex sunglasses are ideal for people that undertake outdoor activities, such as skiing, golf, jogging, biking, riding and fishing.

You can check this year’s collection of Revex Wholesale Polarized Sunglasses here or browse through the brand’s Sports catalogue here Revex Sport wholesale sunglasses

Lounge Eyewear has grown to become one of Euro Optics UK most popular wholesale sunglasses brands. Lounge Eyewear produces unisex sunglasses that come in a box of assorted colors, so you can present your customers with an array of different options.

If you wish to know more about Lounge Eyewear wholesale sunglasses and what products we have in stock, please contact Euro Optics UK – Wholesaler of Sunglasses, Reading Glasses, Frames and Accessories

Level One Eyewear is another of Euro Optics popular brands of wholesale sunglasses. From retro to quirky, Level One Eyewear designs wholesale sunglasses for a wide range of tastes and styles. Check this year’s collection of Level One Wholesale Sunglasses.

Last but not least, Indian sunglasses’ different designs and colors focus on the modern and stylish. They come in a branded package with a branded bar code attached to the optical frame.

Sunglasses Trends 2018: Tiny Sunglasses

Up until very recently, in the ever changing world of fashion, “the bigger the better” was the unspoken sunglasses rule. Yet, as the saying goes, “new year, new life”. Tiny sunglasses are hip in 2018.

Apparently, it all started with Kanye West. The American rapper and producer has been seen donning tiny sunglasses more often than not. Soon, wife Kim Kardashian followed suit, which is the same to say tiny sunglasses went mainstream and are now the official sunglasses trend for 2018.

Tiny Sunglasses were very popular in the nineties. Just think the Wachowski sisters cult trilogy debut The Matrix (1999), a young Justin Timberlake or the British rock band Oasis. From Neo to Noel, nineties bad boys all donned tiny sunglasses with flimsy metal frames, and lenses barely covering the eyes.

But since appearing on the Kardashian’s TV show “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” and thus becoming mainstream, more and more A listers have been seen sporting tiny sunglasses – from West and Kim to Rihanna or Selena Gomez, just to name some of the most influential celebs.

If you wish to hop on the tiny sunglasses bandwagon this summer, that doesn’t necessarily mean you will need to ditch your pair of aviators or wayfarer sunglasses. Quite the contrary, no matter what tricky trend will follow, Aviator and Wayfarer sunglasses will always remain must have classics.

So, stick to your classics and yet, why not, buy a new pair of tiny sunglasses for the summer.

Euro Optics UK Ltd is a lead importer, wholesaler and distributer of sunglasses, reading glasses and eyewear in the UK. If you are looking for a trusted wholesale sunglasses vendor in the United Kingdom, please visit us at and check our collection of sunglasses, reading glasses, eyewear cases, pouches and chords.

Buying Eyewear Online Will Explode, according to Forbes

Buying glasses and sunglasses online has now become very common. But according  to Forbes magazine, online eyewear will explode once eye exams go digital.

A recent article in Forbes magazine states that in 2017, more than eight million pairs of prescription eyeglasses were sold online. Although this represents only 4.2% of the total prescription glasses market, Forbes’ consumer behaviour contributor thinks there are signs that prescription glasses will go online.In the near future, buying eyewear online will be the norm.

There are a lot of valid reasons why we may be inclined to think that the prescription glasses customer journey will never go fully digital – you need a doctor’s prescription before making your purchases, and this is why it is taking longer for the business to transition to online.

” Getting a prescription from an optometrist or ophthalmologist is also a meaningful obstacle to buying prescription eyewear online. It adds an extra step to the process and has to be done in a physical location like an optometrist or an ophthalmologist’s office and that’s a hassle for consumers.”

Technology is advancing in a way that online eye exams will be a reality very soon. The likelihood that prescription eyeglasses market will make a transition to online sooner than we think.

You can read the full Forbes article here.

Euro optics UK Ltd is one of the UK’s largest importer, wholesaler and distributor of eyewear. With over 30 years experience in Europe supplying Sunglasses, Reading Glasses, Optical Frames and Accessories. If you wish to know more about sunglasses, reading glasses and eyewear, please keep checking our blog or visit

British Made Eyewear

Armani, Hugo Boss, Chanel, DKYN, Dolce and Gabbana, Dior, Gucci, Ray-Ban,  Prada, Tom Ford, are well known fashion and sunglasses brands. But do you know these all British sunglasses brands?

Brexit is scaring a lot of people at the moment. The terms of the negotiations of the UK leaving the European Market are still a major concern for British entrepreneurs and business owners. It is somewhat of a mystery whether the country will suffer a major blown and dip deep into a recession or if eventually the economy will recover from the new place of Britain in the world chess board.

Yet, the UK has been a leader in fashion and popular culture and lifestyle trends for some decades now. Eventually – and were hoping for the best and betting here on the quality of British designers and entrepreneurs – quality and good customer service will triumph over any incoming economic mishaps.

Because this blog is about all things eyewear, we have come up with some names of British eyewear companies which will undoubtedly help to secure the British position in the leading global eyewear market for the years to come. Most are based in London, but there is also an entry from Edinburgh.

Baton Frame Works are inspired by British manufacture and produce high quality sunglasses to last a lifetime.

From Scotland, Occles arrives with slim designs with shades that block 100% of ambient light.

Moat House and Barrow and Flux produce wooden framed glasses and Magneteyes, Bonafide MC Ginn and Gucewicz Eywear are London based designers producing quality eyewear in all sorts of materials. Saville Row has been capitalizing on the reputation of one of the classiest streets in London. They have been producing handmade glasses since the 1930’s.

Last, but not least, Termite Eyewear is a new accessories brand that produces sunglasses handmade from recycled products.

Euro optics UK Ltd is one of the UK’s largest importer, wholesaler and distributor of eyewear, over 30 years experience in Europe. If you wish to know more about Euro Optics UK Ltd, please visit our online wholesale eyewear store at

Eyewear Trends 2017: Frames

If you are waiting for Christmas to buy yourself a new pair of glasses, here are the latest frame trends of 2017.

Christmas is a good time of the year to update your wardrobe, get a new coat for winter, buy a new suit or, since devil is in the details, browse the shops looking for street-chic bargain accessories. So why not take the opportunity to match your eyewear with your new style and get yourself a new set of frames for your glasses. We have listed below some of the hottest eyewear frames and styles of 2017.

The clubmaster design has seen a comeback since the latest Bond movie. Fashionable and practical this style is great for young professionals as it goes well with suits and office clothes.

Hipsters proud to be no squares, but square is the shape to go for if you wish to stand out from the crowd. For the ladies, Cat-eye frames should be their farme design of choice as Cat-eye glasses are extremely popular. Same goes for oversized frames which are said to be the trend to watch for in 2018. If you are a man and look for something less prone to the whims of fashion, then why not go for the classic Aviators? They have been around for ages and never seem to get out of fashion.

When it comes to frames colours, tortoise, clear and white, metals and pinks are all the rage this year. Black rimmed glasses are also a great choice for this winter season. They go great with suits and white shirts. Yet, clear frame glasses are certainly the most popular choice in 2017.

Euro optics UK Ltd is one of the UK’s largest importer, wholesaler and distributor of eyewear, over 30 years experience in Europe. If you wish to know more about Euro Optics UK Ltd, please visit our online wholesale eyewear store at

Famous Album Covers featuring Sunglasses (Part I)

Shades are most popular in the summer, when the sun is out and UV radiation is at its peak. Summertime is a particularly enjoyable time of the year with people gathering outside for drinks and sports activities. Because sunny days mean fun and fun necessarily means music, we’ve selected 10 album covers that feature people wearing sunglasses, which have become engraved in Pop History. Here are the first five:

 Stevie Wonder – Music of Mind (Tamla, 1972)

music sunglassesNot for the best of reasons, Stevie Wonder is known for his shades collection. Born blind, Wonder is one of the most critically acclaimed artists of all time. The sleeve of Music of Mind, released in 1972, features this genius Funk/Soul artist donning a pair of mirrored sunglasses.

Mark Ronson & The Business Intl – Record Collection (RCA, 2010)

music and sunglasses

The man behind huge hits such as Somebody to Love Me (feat Boy George) and Uptown Funk (with Bruno Mars) is depicted in the cover of Mark Ronson & The Business Intl – Record Collection wearing wayfarer sunglasses with pink temples. Quite an appropriate colour selection for such a master of up-tempo modern pop classics with an 80’s electronic flavour.

A Flock of Seagulls – I Ran (Jive, 1982)

music eyewear

For the cover of their 4th single from their first album, 80’s band A Flock of Seagulls chose an image of a woman wearing oversized sunglasses. This album sleeve of the authors of pop classic The More You Live, The More You Love, is one of the most iconic images of the 80’s.

Lady Gaga – The Fame (The Fame Monster, 2008)

sunnies music

The debut studio album by American singer Lady Gaga – later known by the planetary-wide hit single Bad Romance – features Gaga wearing shades with a somewhat futuristic design. Later re-released by The Fame Monster, the album includes Poker Face, her first huge commercial success.

John Lennon – Lennon Legend, The Very Best of John Lennon (Parlophone, 1997)

lennon glasses

When talking about eyewear in Pop History, the ex-Beatle quickly comes to mind. And this album sleeve is here to prove it. Imagine, Instant Karma, Mother or Jealous Guy are some of Lennon’s classic songs, featured in this double-CD compilation of his best.

Buying Modern Sunglasses Online with a Retro Look

If you are considering buying modern sunglasses online there are things you should know to help you land a good deal. Here are some important reminders that you should keep in mind:

Some of the most common styles of modern sunglasses include retro designs such as the aviator, the cat-eye and the tea-shade. Another famous style is the wayfarer, which was popularized by the blues Brothers. Now worn by hipsters all around the world, wayfarers are made of plastic and rounded-square shaped frames. You might recognize them as worn by many celebrities such as Joaquin Phoenix in the film “I’m Still here” or comedian Zack Galifianakis in the “Hangover” franchise.

After you have decided on the type of sunglasses you want to buy, the next step is to research and compare before you buy sunglasses from merchants or at online stores.

Modern adaptations of classic and retro designs are available in most major fashion sites, along with vintage glasses. One great place to find the original versions of retro inspired modern sunglasses is in second-hand clothing shops. There, you may find modern recreations of vintage styles and have the chance to try them before you buy them. You can even get an authentic pair, if you are lucky. However, modern sunglasses with vintage designs have complete UV protection, making them worth considering.

If you want to know more about buying brand new modern sunglasses with a retro look why not check out our website here.

Sunglasses Trends Autumn 2017

Wayfarer and aviator sunglasses are timeless shapes of sunglasses. Yet, every season there are a few stand-out trends that steal the show. Let’s get to know the sunglasses trends for Autumn 2017.

This fall, round frames, cat-eye and oversized rectangular sunglasses are taking the main stage. If you are not sure which ones you should buy, Euro Optics UK blog, gives you a few hints on the main specs of each model:

Oversized Rectangular Sunglasses

Oversized rectangular sunglasses are great for round or oval-shaped faces. That’s because the angles of this particular design help balance those features. Here’s one of the models of oversized rectangular sunglasses on sale at Euro Optics UK’s online store.

ladies oversized sunglasses

Round Sunglasses

People with sharp features look good in round sunglasses. Round sunglasses are perfect for men and women with prominent jaws or square faces as they help soften more chiselled faces.

Cat-Eye Sunglasses

If you have a longer face, cat eye sunglasses is the shape of sunglasses to go for. Cat eye sunglasses are both timeless and chic. If you are a fan of cat eye sunglasses, we suggest you read this post on our blog about the latest sunglasses trend: the cat eye skinny.

Euro Optics UK sells wholesale sunglasses, reading glasses, frames and eyewear stands in the UK and Europe. If you wish to know more, please visit our website at Please feel free to check our online store and browse through our new collection of wayfarer, aviator, cat-eye, round and oversized rectangular sunglasses.

Parent Challenge: Making your kid wear sunglasses outside

Sunglasses prevent the eyes from developing certain eye conditions later in life. Young children who wear sunglasses are therefore safe from the harmful rays of the sun. If you ever tried making your kid wear sunglasses outside you know this can be quite a challenge.

It may not be easy to make your kids wear sunglasses, especially during the summer when they really need them. Fortunately, there are a number of tricks you can use to get them to wear kids sunglasses. We leave you with a few tips that will be handy when trying to convince your kids to wear sunglasses outside.

Kids imitate adults, such as their older siblings and parents. They copy the behaviour of the adult of the same gender they look up to – girls imitate their mothers while boys do the same with their fathers – in the hope they appear older than their real age. So, when trying to make your kid wear sunglasses it is useful if you set the example. If parents are careful enough to wear sunglasses on bright sunny days, it’s most likely their kids will do the same.

Kids between the ages 2-5 want control over their bodies as well as their surroundings as it is an important part of toddlerhood. Don’t give in to a power struggle. Instead, give your kid control and get him feel excited with the experience. Suggest wearing sunglasses for an hour or ask them what time they would prefer to wear them. Then, gradually increase the number of hours he wears them.

Also, if you give kids control over the style of sunglasses they wear, this will stimulate your child’s imagination by going wild with their choice of kids sunglasses. Visit a kid-friendly store and help them pick out. Make sure that you choose the ones that fit their face perfectly and have enough UV protection.

If you want to know how to get your child to wear kids sunglasses then do not hesitate to visit our site and learn more.

An Overview of Glasses

Glasses, also known as eyeglasses or spectacles are devices used for vision correction, eye protection and safety. They have been around for centuries and are currently not only a health and safety device, but also an indispensable and powerful accessory when it comes to setting a personal style.

As people get older they are more likely to need glasses. It is estimated that over 90% of people over the age of 65 will need corrective lenses at some point in their life.

Corrective lenses are used to correct vision and alleviate the effects of conditions such as myopia, farsightedness and astigmatism. But glasses made of break proof plastic lenses are also worn to protect the eyes in different situations. Construction workers, factory workers, lab technicians, as well as people practicing extreme sports are advised to wear these types of glasses for their safety.

Glasses frames are usually made of plastic, nylon, some metals like gold, silver, aluminium and titanium or even natural materials such as wood, bone, ivory or leather.

The first eyeglasses were made in Italy more than eight centuries ago. They were born in Pisa, a city which is known by the famous leaning tower. But the oldest pair of sunglasses date from the 1400 and were found in Germany. These days, the main components of glasses are the lenses, of course, as well as the frames, the bridge and the nose pads. These allow for a comfortable resting of the glasses in your nose and ears.

The eyewear industry has grown to be one of the most stable and creative industries of the modern world. Even if an increasing amount of people is resorting to eye surgery to correct their vision, eyeglasses and sunglasses have become not only a device that protects and corrects vision, but also a major fashion accessory, indispensible when it comes to setting one’s personal style.

Euro optics UK Ltd is one of the UK’s largest importer, wholesaler and distributor of eyewear, over 30 years experience in Europe. If you wish to know more about Euro Optics UK Ltd, please visit our online wholesale eyewear store at

Wholesale Sunglasses Brands at Euro Optics UK Ltd

Euro Optics UK Ltd is one of the UK’s largest importer, wholesaler and distributor of eyewear. With over 30 years’ experience, Euro Optics works with some of the best wholesale brands around. In this article, we present three of Euro Optics best selling sunglasses brands. You can find more in the Wholesale Brands’ section of this blog.


wholesale brands

The quality frames, contouring the face shape  and high levels of UV protection of Paolo Renna’s sunglasses lenses help protect the eyes from the harmful effects of sun rays and brightness. Due to exceptional quality Paolo Renna has rapidly become one of Euro Optics UK top selling wholesale sunglasses brands.


wholesale brands

Revex Wholesale Polarized Sunglasses are made with a special optical lens manufactured in the USA. They are ideal for people that undertake outdoor activities, such as skiing, golf, jogging, biking, riding and fishing. Euro-Optics UK has been a wholesaler  manufacturer and distributer of the brand in UK and Europe.


Euro Optics UK brand Dudes & Dudettes offers sunglasses specially designed to protect children from UV rays and sun damage. They come in different styles and designs, so they are fun to wear.

wholesale brands

If you wish to know more about sunglasses, reading glasses and eyewear, keep checking our blog or visit Euro Optics UK | Wholesaler of Sunglasses, Reading Glasses and Optical Frames at

Ladies Sunglasses – How to Choose

There’s not much difference between choosing ladies sunglasses and picking sunglasses for men. However, you should take into account some specifics when buying sunglasses for women. Here are a few tips that may help you.

When choosing ladies sunglasses frames, make sure that the style of frame you will get suits your personality – be it sport, retro, bold, conservative, modern, or trendy.

Your physical appearance should also be taken into consideration. When it comes to eye colour, try and go for similar colour frames – i.e. blue eyes are best complemented with blue frames. Same goes for hair colour – try and match the frame colour with the colour of your hair. If you have a warm complexion, you may opt for yellow or cream undertones. If you have a cool complexion, go for blue or pink undertones. As for frames, also evaluate them by considering the main colours in your wardrobe.

When selecting sunglasses frames, another thing you should take into account is your face shape. The frame should always contrast with your face shape. For instance, if you have an oval face, a wide frame would offset the narrow proportions of your face, making it a very good choice.

Lastly, relate the size of the frame to the size of your face. Your sunglasses should be able to sit comfortably on the bridge of your nose and the pupils should be at the center of the frames.

If you want to know more about choosing sunglasses for women, our website contains all the information you need. Visit our website.

Contact Dermatitis- Allergic Reactions to Sunglasses

Sunglasses wearers sometimes experience itching or sore spots on the nose or cheeks. This means they have been affected by Contact Dermatitis, an allergic reaction to glasses. Here’s how to prevent allergic reactions to sunglasses.

Contact Dermatitis – If you are sensitive to common allergens such as nickel and palladium, consider changing to plastic frames or hypoallergenic metal frames.

sunglasses allergy

Changing your sunglasses frames to hypoallergenic frames is often the only solution for allergic reactions affecting sunglasses wearers.

For a cheaper and easier way to get temporary relief, paint a thin coat of clear nail polish on the part of the frame that touches your skin – temples, arms or nose pads. This will provide a protective barrier and a temporary fix to your allergic reaction.

For a more permanent solution, it is highly recommended that you visit your eye doctor or optician.

Euro Optics UK Ltd is one of the UK’s largest importer, wholesaler and distributor of eyewear, with over 30 years’ experience. If you wish to know more about sunglasses, reading glasses and eyewear, keep checking our blog or visit Euro Optics UK | Wholesaler of Sunglasses, Reading Glasses and Optical Frames at

Sunglasses Trends 2017 the Cat Eye Skinny

Combining the classic cat eye design with bold and more futuristic lines, Cat Eye Skinny sunglasses are all the rage at the moment. Famous celebs and bloggers have been spotted donning this variation of the old design from the fifties and sixties. Let’s take a closer look to what’s new.

Did ET’s just come out of the beehive? If you have already watched the new Gucci campaign or own an Instagram account it may well appear so. The strange sci-fi inspired sunglasses of the Gucci film and a quirky variation of the cat-eye sunnies trending on the famous social media platform are just two examples of Cat Eye Skinny Sunglasses.

Guicci Campaign 2017

Cat Eye Skinny sunglasses have taken celeb and fashion circles by storm, and this is all due to models like The Last lolita and The Fugitive, by Adam Selman Le Specs collaboration.

According to the website description, The Fugitive “is an ode to criminal illicit under-cover”. They are minimal cat eyes with sleek shield lens. Their Last Lolita counterpart rely on thick frames and flat lenses.

Both models are fairly affordable, unlike Gucci’s version of this new retro-futuristic design. However, though overall, cat eye sunglasses fit most face shapes, cat eye skinny sunnies may not be the design of choice for people with round, chubby faces. Yet, they are a definite must have.

Fashion trend for 2017 or not, it is great that sunglasses designers are coming up with new, creative models every year. This simply proves how fresh the eyewear market is at the moment.

Euro Optics UK Ltd is one of the UK’s largest importer, wholesaler and distributor of eyewear, with over 30 years’ experience. If you wish to know more about sunglasses, reading glasses and eyewear, keep checking our blog or visit Euro Optics UK | Wholesaler of Sunglasses, Reading Glasses and Optical Frames at

Famous Album Covers featuring Sunglasses (Part II)

Shades are most popular in the summer, when the sun is out and UV radiation is at its peak. Summertime is a particularly enjoyable time of the year with people gathering outside for drinks and sports activities. Because sunny days mean fun and fun necessarily means music, we’ve selected 10 album covers that feature people wearing sunglasses, which have become engraved in Pop History. Here are another five:

Black Grape – It’s Great When You’re Straight Yeah (Radioactive, 1995)

music and sunglasses

After the demise of the Happy Mondays, Shaun Ryder proceeded to form Black Grape. At the height of  Brit Pop, the band soon became a commercial success, not only in UK charts, but much around the world. In the Name of the Father and Kelly’s Heroes are two of the songs of their first album It’s Great When You’re Straight Yeah, released in 1995.

Pet Shop Boys – Discography, The Complete Singles Collection (Parlophone, 1991)


If you think Pop History, it’s hard to find a band that has amassed so many UK and US hits. Tennant and Lowe form one of the quirkiest and most competent songwriting partnerships of all time – think Lennon/McCartney, Morrissey/Marr or Jagger and Richards. West End Girls, Suburbia, It’s a Sin are some of their hits included in this best of compilation album with a picture of Lowe donning oversized sunglasses.

Lou Reed – Metal Machine Music (RCA, 1975)

oculos de sol e musica

The fifth solo album by American rock musician Lou Reed. It was originally released as a double album by RCA Records in 1975. The album cost Reed credibility in the music industry while simultaneously opening the door for some of his later, more experimental material.

The Velvet Underground – Another View (Verve, 1986)

sunglasses velvet underground music

Compilation of previously unreleased material, featuring songs such as Hey Mr. Rain or an early version of Rock and Roll. The album sleeve depicts Reed, Cale and Morrisson wearing sunglasses.

Scott Walker – Scott (Philips, 1967)

sunglasses music

Scott was the début solo album by Scott Walker, originally released in the United Kingdom on Philips Records in 1967. The album received both strong commercial success as well as critical praise, hitting #3 on the UK Albums Chart. Mathilde, My Death and Amsterdam are English versions of Belgium singer-songwriter Jacques Brel. My Death and Amsterdam were also later recorded by David Bowie, a fan of both Walker and Brel.

Catch your customer's Eye with Eyewear Display Stands

If your store is a tad bit shabby, with products scattered everywhere, customers will be turned off and will look for the same products in other stores. Display stands help your store look neat and proper. This will ultimately help attract quality customers and beat your competitors.

As a store owner you should present your products to your customers in an organized and engaging manner, so that people are attracted and impelled to enter your store or try your products. Having a nice eyewear display stand and organizing your items by colour, brand or style is of the utmost importance for the success of your eyewear business.

Of course the quality of the products, the brands and at which price you sell them will reflect on how much money you make from your eyewear retail business. However, if you don’t manage to get customers into your store, you will most certainly not get them to buy anything from you. The first rule is, though: attract your customers.

Having a sunglass display stand allows you more room to showcase your products and lets your customer see each one in a neat manner. That is why you must do everything within your reach to achieve that irresistible look for your store resorting to eyewear display stands.

Aside from this, a display stand is also a great tool that will help you manage your store better. By using display stands you can categorize your products properly, which will also help you with store inventory and security.

Here’s also a little tip from us at Euro Optics UK Ltd: save one of your display stands for discount items. Place it side by side with your new articles. People like a good bargain much in the same way they like novelty. Placing bargain sunglasses next to a selection of the latest trends in eyewear might help you get more customers to try some of the articles you sell full price as they won’t feel the pressure of budget. Just an idea. You never know, it may work. Nevertheless, it’s always good to put yourself in your customer’s shoes and come up with new ideas on the best way to use your eyewear display stands.

Here’s a link to a Pinterest page full of eyewear display stands ideas You can also visit our website at and check our offers on eyewear display stands.

Euro optics UK Ltd is one of the UK’s largest importer, wholesaler and distributor of eyewear, over 30 years experience in Europe. If you wish to know more about Euro Optics UK Ltd, please visit our online wholesale eyewear store at

Buying Cheap Sunglasses

Buying cheap sunglasses doesn’t necessarily mean going for poor imitations of designer sunglasses. Cheap sunglasses can also be trendy and of good quality although available for a fraction of the cost of popular brands like Gucci or Dolce & Gabbana.

If you are buying cheap sunglasses the most important thing is finding a pair that will fit you perfectly, and will match your wardrobe and lifestyle. In this respect, buying cheap sunglasses is much like choosing between two pairs of high end designer sunglasses. However, because low budget sunglasses are sometimes made of poor materials, it’s always advisable to test the item before purchasing. Buying cheap sunglasses online is therefore risky as you may end making the wrong choice.

When buying budget sunglasses, ask yourself, the following questions:

“What type of lens benefits my lifestyle?”

“What materials do I prefer?”

The shape of the frame should also fit your face perfectly. We’ve written extensively on this subject: rounded frames for oval-shaped faces, cat-eyes for pointy chins, etc… If you are not sure what frame goes well with your face shape, aviators and other oversized type of frames fit most people. Read more about sunglasses that compliment your face shape here.

With the above factors in choosing your sunglasses, you can be sure that you will end up with high quality sunglasses at affordable pieces. If you are looking for cheap sunglasses, many online sellers cater to both retail and wholesale transactions. If you are interested in reselling for retail, wholesalers are the best option as they offer reduced prices for bulk orders. Check our wholesale collection here.

Click here to go to our website to read more about cheap sunglasses.

How to get the best pair of sunglasses frames

Sunglasses frames come in various types, such as cat’s eye, round or oval. Each design matches with a different type of face shape and hair colour. Choosing the best frame will help enhance the way you look. Hence, it is important that the frames bring the upper part of your face in proportion with your lower part.

The trick question when buying a new pair of sunglasses is to know which frame design to choose, in line with the shape of your face.

An oblong face is narrow. It is characterized by high cheekbones, a long nose, and a tall forehead. In order to make it appear shorter, people with oblong faces should wear sunglasses with tall frames. To add width, try broad sunglass frames with a detailed top rim or an ornamental temple. Avoid short frames as they will only emphasize the length of your face.

A wide forehead and broad cheekbones that narrow to a small a chin is what we usually call a heart-shaped face. Bottom heavy sunglass frames work best with this face type as they make your lower face appear wider. Narrow, round frames also work well as they soften your forehead. If you have a heart shaped face, avoid top heavy glass frames.

The colour of your hair will also determine the right colour of your frames. If you have fair hair, choose metal frames or plastic frames of soft pastel shades to avoid overwhelming your face. Black and brown hair goes well with more dramatic frames.

If you want to know more about ways to get the best pair of sunglass frames, visit the site.

How to Buy Bulk Eyewear from the UK?

Since imported goods are known for their low prices, a high demand of wholesale items is prevalent all around the world. One of the main accessories imported in countries is eyewear. Despite the Brexit negotiations that are currently taking place, bulk eyewear from the UK is sent to various countries to answer the demand of both eyewear business owners and consumers from Europe and all around the world. And things are unlikely to change in the next couple of years.

So, the question is how can business owners, like you, buy bulk eyewear from the UK?

First and foremost you need to decide what type of eyewear you want to buy bulk from the UK. There are thousands of models and brands, so you need to decide on what your costumers would like most. Aviator sunglasses and wayfarer sunglasses are classic designs that appeal to almost everyone.

After deciding on which models to import, you should investigate the companies you will be dealing with. You can check out sources from a list of wholesalers or conduct searches for UK wholesalers who are willing and more than ready to market items in your country. Since you will be ordering the eyewear remotely, you need to make sure that your retailer can handle both the shipping and financial aspects.

After your first order, you should build a strong relationship with your sunglasses wholesale company in the UK. Most wholesale eyewear companies in the UK will be more than willing to assist you in any queries you may have regarding how to import sunglasses from the UK.

Also, the Bristish in general and Londoners in particular are a very fashion conscious people. Fashion and style are part of their culture and how they express their individuality. This is true since the Roman Empire, when a Scottish people known as the Picts would rule the northern lands of the UK and were feared by their enemies due to their painted bodies. Also, the Anglo- Saxons took proud in their jewellery and dyed long hairs. Not to mention several movements in urban culture that grew strong in the UK such as the swinging sixties, the punk movement, new wave, acid house and brit pop.

Thus, hard Brexit or soft Brexit apart, you will always be in good hands when importing bulk sunglasses from a sunglasses wholesaler in the UK. Don’t believe us? Call our offices in London right now and speak to our staff. They will be more than willing to assist you.

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Wholesale Reading Glasses and the importance of eye exams

As you grow older, eye exams become a must. If you are concerned about the cost of eye examinations, check with your local optometrist or free medical clinics. In the process, wholesale reading glasses offer a less expensive option to people with eye conditions such as presbyopia.

You know you need reading glasses if you have difficulty reading prints up close and cannot focus on small print. This is called presbyopia and while this eye condition may be treated by reading glasses wholesale, there are other conditions that they cannot correct as most reading glasses sold in bulk have lenses which may not match your actual needs.

Also, some people do not have the same degrees of eye sight in every eye so seeing an optometrist becomes necessary. An eye doctor measures the exact strength of the lens needed for every eye.

There are other conditions that require not just reading glasses wholesale but treatments as well. Glaucoma, which is a condition characterized by blurred vision is one of these conditions that need medical attention. However, you may not know you have it unless you visit your optometrist.

Before buying a pair of reading glasses or wholesale reading glasses, get your eyes examined to rule out common eye diseases.

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Online Reading Glasses

A growing number of people who suffer from some form or other of eye disease is now buying reading glasses online. Buying online is not only easier, it also gives you the opportunity to shop around and find the best reading glasses prices and discounts.

Before buying online reading glasses, visit an eye doctor and book an eye exam. Let your optometrist know you are planning to order online.

Wearing reading glasses is not a mere matter of fashion or choice. It’s a matter of personal health. Thus, the one thing you should be careful when buying reading glasses online is to speak to your doctor first. This way, you’ll get as many details as possible from your eye doctor before placing your order.

Reading glasses is something you will use daily, so you should be comfortable with the style  and design of the frames. Once you have your lenses, you can then search online for frames.

Finding a trustful online supplier of reading glasses frames isn’t hard. Several websites sell frames, so it’s up to you to find a set of frames that matches your prescription lenses as well as your personal style.

Do a basic Google search and visit a handful of websites. Read previous customer reviews and beware of dodgy distributors and scams. Shop around before you make a final decision.

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Finding a Reading Glasses Supplier

If you are a business owner looking looking for a reading glasses supplier, the following tips may help you find a quality supplier that offers great deals and excellent customer service.

The first rule before looking for a trusted reading glasses supplier that offers good deals in wholesale reading glasses is to know your market. If you know your customers you are off to a good start.

Knowing your clientele and what they are looking for will help you get better deals without compromising on the quality of the products you are negotiating.

Say, your target is class A consumer. This means you will need to maintain a higher quality level on your products.  This may imply a slower movement of your inventory and thus, you have to set a higher mark up in order to make good profit.

It is not easy, but balancing between quality and marketability, is the best way to keep in tract of your goal for sustainable profit.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a cheap reading glasses supplier then the package that they offer is of paramount importance.

If a reading glasses supplier let’s your order customized designs or choose from a wide range of shapes, colours and materials, you are most certainly in for a good deal. However, beware of suppliers that offer great packages with outdated designs in order to throw out excess supplies. You do not want to be spending your budget on an apparent good deal of products that simply will not sell, as your customers will be looking for more modern designs.

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Are Sunglasses a beauty item?

The Sunglasses Industry is strong and the designers are getting bolder by the day. Big or small, colorful or monochromatic, plain or printed, modern sunglasses designs come in multiple models.

In addition to protecting your eyes from UV rays, sunglasses are a valuable item when it comes to setting your style. As long as, they are genuine and help protect your eyes from UV rays, you just need to choose the style that suits you the most.

Besides taking into account your face shape, when it comes to choosing a pair of sunglasses that fit your overall look, you also need to take into consideration the place you go.

Sunglasses to go to the beach ask for more casual designs and bright colours. Different from the type of designs you’d wear to a party or any other social occasion.

But do not worry, choosing the right glasses is super simple. The same rule applies to jewelry, make-up and other accessories.

Feel free to check our online store for budget bulk sunglasses with great designs.

Euro Optics UK Ltd is one of the UK’s largest importer, wholesaler and distributor of eyewear, with over 30 years’ experience. If you wish to know more about sunglasses, reading glasses and eyewear, keep checking our blog or visit Euro Optics UK | Wholesaler of Sunglasses, Reading Glasses and Optical Frames at

The truth behind the sunglasses industry

In the last decades the sunglasses industry has grown exponentially in such way that people tend to think of sunglasses as just a mere fashion accessory. But sunglasses are not only about fashion. They are also about health and well-being.

With so many manufacturers and styles, these days people tend to disregard the health benefits of sunglasses. But sunglasses are more than just fashion accessories. They also protect against the harmful effects of the sun and help correct vision.

Childhood, particularly school age, is the perfect time to start wearing sunglasses, as scientific evidence abounds stating the impact direct sunlight can have in accelerating the aging of the retina and facilitating the development of cataracts.

Sunglasses are also a must have for people practicing outside activities or professionals working long hours under the sun. 100% UV protection and photo chromic tint help stay fully protected from harmful intense sunlight. Hence, wearing dark quality lenses that block UV radiation helps prevent eye diseases. Standard Plastic Lenses are the most common, whilst Polycarbonate Lenses are highly resistant and a preferred choice for safety and children glasses.

The internet has made it much more convenient and fast to buy sunglasses online. If you are buying sunglasses this way, start of by searching for online reviews, as some websites are dedicated into giving reviews about particular products. This will make buying sunglasses online much easier.

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The Importance of Sunglasses for Children

Parents only want the best for their kids. Hence, the need to protect the eyes of their children from the damaging elements of the sun such as ultraviolet radiation. Below are some things you will need to take into account before purchasing sunglasses for children.

Sunglasses are fun

Sunglasses are fun accessories. Many children wear them as fashion statements. But oftentimes, kids do not want to wear sunglasses as they bother their faces. As parents, you need to take over and make sure your children wear sunglasses for protection. Start off by encouraging them to wear kids sunglasses to protect their eyes.

Research, research, research

If you are on a mission to buy the right sunglasses for your kids – sunglasses that both protect and also are fun to wear – it is important to take your time and conduct some research on the brands that claim to protect the eyes of your children. Most websites offer detailed specs and reviews from customers about sunglasses that are comfortable to wear.

Get good value for money

When purchasing kids sunglasses, you should not only try to buy items that offer the best UV protection, but also try and get the most of your money. Why? Because kids play a lot. They are constantly on the move, so more often than not a pair of kids sunglasses will end up broken or scratched. Make sure you buy good quality children sunglasses at a reasonable price, though.

Sunglasses are for all seasons

While most people wear shades during bright summer months, it is also important to wear shades during the winter as the sun reflects of the snow and ice. In fact, wintertime often calls for more eye protection. Hence, make sure that your child wears a good pair of sunglasses all year round.   

To know more about kids sunglasses, please visit our website and browse through our collection of sunglasses for children.

Summer 2017 Wholesale Sunglasses

Summer is right at the door. Here are a few picks from our 2017 collection of sunglasses that will definitely compliment your style and protect your eyes for the bright days ahead.


Solid smoke, silver mirror lens Jack Daniels Branded Sunglasses

Inspired in the classic Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses, these Jack Daniels silver mirror solid smoke sunglasses are the definite choice for this summer. They come with a branded carton show box, fake leather case with zipper closure, pouch with cord and certificate card.

100% UV Protection

sunglasses summer


Revex Polarized Ladies Cat-eye Sunglasses

Cat-eyes were big in 2016 and are here to stay in 2017. These discreet cat-eye inspired sunglasses from Revex have polarized lenses with glare blocking made in USA. They are supplied with branded drawstring pouch and will definitely compliment your style for the summer.

100% UV Protection

sunglasses ladies summer 2017


Kids Aviators

Who said kids can’t be stylish? Metal framed unisex aviator sunglasses in gun metal colour with neon green rubber ear pads. These good wuality children sunglasses come with a printed star logo on the lads so to had a bit of fun to your kids 100% UV protection. Supplied in gift box with branded pouch.

100% UV Protection

kids sunglasses

In case any of these items catch your fancy, feel free to order through our website, contact us at or give us a call on 020 8902 9700. Click the links to visit product page with full description and price.

How to find good quality bulk sunglasses?

If you are in the sunglasses industry or if you know your sunglasses you may have noticed that many people sell designer sunglasses at huge discounts. These are replicas but they are way better than fakes.

Wholesale designer sunglasses manufacturers do not sell directly to individuals. If you plan to become a reseller of branded sunglasses, you must need to qualify to become one. If you opt for buying wholesale sunglasses it is your responsibility to be able to distinguish authentic shades from mere replicas. Here are ways to find authentic sunglasses in bulk on the internet and auction sites:

If the price sounds too good to be true, the product is probably fake. While some sellers tell customers upfront that they are selling replicas, others pass them off as originals. Thus, you need to be very careful.

Designer sunglasses in bulk will be impossible to find individually. The best way to find bulk designer sunglasses is to inquire with the manufacturers themselves. Put together a list of the companies inquired along with their requirements and responses. If you have not established a presence online and offline, it can be very difficult to make business with them, but it is worth the try.

The next  step in buying good quality sunglasses is to contact distributors. Distributors are authorized dealers of designer sunglass companies, making them the second best way to find sunglasses in bulk. You can ask for the list of approved dealers from the manufacturers and contact to supply at wholesale discounts.

Do you want to know more helpful tips on finding authentic sunglasses in bulk? Visit our website to know how to find sunglasses in bulk.

Useful tips when buying retro sunglasses

If you are buying retro sunglasses, you need to consider 3 things, mainly: the retro sunglasses design; where to buy and how much you are allowing yourself to spend.

If you are buying a new pair of sunglasses and are going for retro shades, know that there are things you should know to help you land a great pair and an even better deal. Here are 3 things that you should keep in mind:

Retro Sunglasses Design

Some of the most common styles of retro sunglasses include the aviator, wayfarer, and tea-shade.

Aviator sunglasses have larger frames with darker reflective lenses. Another famous style is the wayfarer, which was popularized by the American film blues Brothers. Wayfarer sunglasses are now worn by hipsters all around the world. They are made of plastic and have rounded-square shaped frames. Tea-shades are the ones popularized by John Lennon. They have small and wire-rimmed circular frames, which are paired with colourful lenses.

When buying retro sunglasses you should go for the style that better compliments your face shape and your overall look. Here are some of our articles that will help you know more about how to match sunglasses design to your physical features.

Where to buy retro sunglasses?

After deciding on the type of sunglasses you want to buy, a bit of research will help you find where to buy retro sunglasses. Modern adaptations of retro styles are available in most major fashion sites, along with pure vintage glasses. The latter, however, are quite expensive. Fortunately, you can find a good deal on ebay, retro stores and internet forums.

The second-hand clothing shop in your local area is a great way to find discount original retro sunglasses or even modern versions of vintage styles. There you will have the chance to try before you buy.

How much do retro sunglasses cost?

Modern versions of retro sunglasses are more affordable than original retro shades. How much you decide to spend depends on your budget and on the intrinsic value of this essential fashion accessory. If you are opting for retro designs such as Tea-shades and Aviators, you should bear in mind the quality of the metal frames as much as the quality of the lenses.

If you want to know more about buying retro sunglasses please check our website here.

Sea, Sun and Mirrored Sunglasses

Since their comeback, a couple of years ago, mirrored sunglasses have increased in popularity, especially among women in their twenties and early thirties.

Mirrored sunglasses are also known as ‘cop-shades’ because their popularity with US police officers. The most popular design of mirrored sunglasses is the Aviator style. However, in the late nineties, iconic films such as The Matrix, helped popularize this type of sunglasses in the cyberpunk subculture. You may remember that most characters in The Matrix franchise would appear in the film donning mirrored sunglasses.

One of the greatest appeals of this particular type of shades is the fact that it is almost impossible for anyone to see the eyes through the film layer. Hence, it becomes very difficult to detect the other person’s emotions and full facial expression. This adds an aura of mystery to someone wearing mirrored sunglasses.

Most recently, festival goers around the world – specially women – were seen sporting mirrored sunglasses. Also, the wraparound version of mirrored sunglasses is very popular in the world of extreme sports.

The mirror coating in its earlier versions was achieved through a single layer of a deposited thin film of a suitable metal prepared by ion beam, sputter or vapor deposition. More modern versions of the process usually have several alternating layers of dielectric (electrical insulator) materials or sometimes metals such as nickel, titanium or chromium.

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Are you wearing polarized sunglasses?

Polarized sunglasses are slightly more expensive than regular sunglasses. However, they are great in relieving eye discomfort and poor visibility caused by the sun, as they block horizontal light waves from entering the eyes.

Polarized sunglasses reduce glare from reflective surfaces. They are popular among people who are involved in outdoor activities such as water sports, jogging, and driving. How do you know if you are wearing polarized sunglasses?

To know if you are wearing polarized sunglasses, start by putting your sunglasses on and stare directly at a shiny surface. If your lenses are polarized, you should be able to look at the surface for a long period without squinting or feeling discomfort. If you can sense the glare, then your sunglasses are just tinted with a darker colour. Polarized sunglasses should be able to eliminate glare as well as haze. If your sunglasses are polarized, you can also experience sharper vision with the surrounding objects appearing in greater details.

Although polarized sunglasses are ideal for outdoor activities, they are not recommended for downhill snow skiing as they reduce contrast, which can be dangerous. Polarized lenses also reduce the visibility of electronic displays, making more difficult to read. Nevertheless, Polarized sunglasses offer the best protection to your eyes, so you should own a pair or two.

If you wish to find polarized sunglasses, please feel free to visit our website and check our latest models of polarized sunglasses.

Get your sunnies out!

Sunnies not only upgrade your style, but also make you feel more comfortable outdoors. Summer is just around the corner, so get your sunnies out and enjoy the good weather.

Sunglasses not only help you see better if it’s too bright, but also help reduce the cumulative effect of UV rays, which can cause cataracts. Read more about UV rays here.

After a long winter, you may have forgotten how much that giant yellow orb in the sky can create havoc on your eyes. Shades are particularly good for the summer as they help prevent symptoms of exhaustion after being outside for long hours.

We tend to wear sunglasses to protect our eyes from the sun, but also as a fashion statement or an homage to our icons. As the days get sunnier and warmer, from aviators to the classic wayfarers, you can pick from a large array of styles, manufacturers and designs to help protect your eyes. After, all sunglasses compliment your personality and enhance the way you look, no matter what age you are.

Today, you can buy sunglasses at the touch of a click, as most sunglasses companies sell them online. Buying online is fun and some companies do offer chatting capabilities, allowing communication with the seller, so you can shop at your own free will and still get assistance. Best of all, if you buy sunglasses bulk you can get them at a lower price. So you will be able to save money too.

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Reminiscing with Vintage Shades

Sunglasses are now made in various styles and designs. Great changes have happened in the sunglasses industry with new models appearing every season. However, there are still people who go for the classic looks of vintage shades.

In recent years and thanks to instances such as Twitter and Instagram, vintage shades have regained their popularity. Vintage sunglasses have become a hot trend again because people want to reminisce the golden days of the past. And what best way to do so than by wearing the items that people wore back in the day?

Vintage sunglasses come in various shapes and colours. You can choose among round, rectangular, heart, oval, or many other shapes. Regarding the colour of the lenses you can pick a dark, brown, silver, tortoise shell, and others colours. You can even have them mixed or pure as well.

New models of vintage sunglasses upgrade the main patterns of the past with current elements and technology, allowing them to compete with other retro sunglasses as well as contemporary ones. They can ensure wearers that they can keep their personal taste at the same time maintain the traditional styles. Plus, they still keep that vintage aura that attracts so many eyewear fans to styles such as the Aviator, Wayfarer and Tea-shades.

Whichever style you go for, vintage sunglasses – much as any other good quality sunglasses – offer great vision along with safety. Sunglasses filter out the harmful rays of the sun and reduce glare. Ultimately, vintage sunglasses are one of the most stylish eyewear in the market and an everlasting product in the eyewear industry.

If you want to know more about vintage sunglasses, please contact us.

Why should I buy Wholesale Sunglasses?

Before you buy wholesale sunglasses it is important that you know what wholesale is. Basically, wholesale goods are products that can be obtained at the cost that larger retailers pay.

Generally, large sunglasses retail outlets do not pay the same price for their merchandise that they sell them for. They buy wholesale and that is how they make money. Buying wholesale sunglasses from online or offline outlets means you get your sunglasses cheaper than their retail prices.

Buying glasses in bulk helps you purchase products at much lower prices but it also allows you to mark up the value to whatever price you believe is feasible for people to buy. In return, this gets back the profit on every pair you could sell.

The greatest aspect about wholesale products is that anybody can get them. You do not need to be a known and established retailer to buy wholesale glasses. Anybody can get wholesale as long as they can find what they are looking for at wholesale prices.

The biggest question people looking to buy wholesale sunglasses ask is where can you buy wholesale? A number of online as well as offline businesses offer glasses in wholesale. These days, many wholesale sunglasses suppliers are available on the internet. Please check our blog post on Using a Wholesale Directory to find the Best Sunglasses Supplier 

If you want to know more about wholesale glasses, click here and explore our website.

Styles of Aviator Sunglasses

Think you know your aviator sunglasses? Think again. Here are some tips and facts that you should know if you are an aviator sunglasses fan.

Aviator sunglasses have been around for ages. And they have not decreased in popularity. Quite the contrary. They are increasingly famous nowadays. This may be attributed to the utility and style of this particular eyewear design.

Did you know the true extend to how the media and Hollywood helped promote aviator sunglasses? Aviator sunglasses were first produced in the nineteen thirties and worn by Army pilots. Their popularity increased when many famous celebrities began to use them. One of the most famous celebrities to don aviator sunglasses was Elvis Presley.

These days, with so many hybrid designs and frame shapes, how would you know that your aviator wholesale sunglasses are really aviators? You can start by comparing the shape of the lenses. Aviators have oblique or dropping shape lenses covering one third of your face. Also, the frames are usually made of metal. Wire temples hook the sunglasses behind your ears.

Aviator sunglasses can be polarized – if the frames hold polarized lenses that help reduce the harmful effects of the sun. Polarized aviator sunglasses also help improve visibility, making them a favourite of athletes and people who love the outdoors.

Recent years have seen retro styles become popular again. Also known as vintage, many of retro-style aviators are not original. However, they are considered to be such as they resemble the style of the first Aviators that came out in the market. They usually have huge dark lenses with vibrant hues of frames such as orange and yellow.

2016 saw the comeback of mirrored sunglasses. Aviators were not the exception. Aviator sunglasses with reflected lenses with flash or mirror coating were seen sported by stars and the general public all around the world last year. By the looks of it they will not lose in popularity in 2017.

With aviator sunglasses, you can be fashionable and trendy all the time. Click this link for more information about aviator wholesale sunglasses.

Using a Wholesale Directory to find the Best Sunglasses Supplier

Finding the best sunglasses supplier requires hard work. There are many places to look for. The first place you can look for a reputable supplier of sunglasses is a wholesale directory.

If you are looking for sunglasses of great quality and cheap wholesale prices, consider looking at a wholesale directory. A wholesale directory is a secure interface that will save you time and headaches when looking for a reputable sunglasses supplier.

In general, a wholesale directory is an online platform where you log in to find all the available wholesale suppliers of a given product. It’s a handy tool that will allow you to find suppliers you can contact and eventually make business with. It would be a shame to not use this valuable tool, especially when you have no time to chase up all existing suppliers.

If you are frustrated after spending so much time trying to contact one supplier after the other, use a wholesale directory as it helps you save money and time. Moreover, a directory also provides you with feedback on the suppliers performance. This allows you to see how great or bad their customer service is.

There are a number of wholesale directories on the internet; however, not all will be reliable. So, when you look for a sunglasses supplier on the wholesale directory, make sure you aim for quality. Keep in mind that the last thing you want is to conduct business with an unreliable supplier who sells poor quality products.

If you want to find the best sunglasses supplier, you can check out our website by clicking here.

Consider Wholesale Replica Sunglasses

Armani, Gucci, Versace… branded sunglasses are most loved by fashion lovers; however, not all of us can afford high end brands. This is where replica sunglasses come into play.

Wholesale Replica Sunglasses are different from fake sunglasses as they do not carry a false logo and they are completely legal. Thus allowing users to reach their dream at affordable price tags.

Most of us don’t have the salaries that allow us to spend 300 to 500 pounds worth of sunglasses. This is where replica ones come in handy. Wholesale Replica Sunglasses are fashion accessories sold at affordable prices.

Even if wholesale replica sunglasses are sold at affordable prices this doesn’t necessarily mean they are of lower quality. Since they look exactly like their branded counterparts, they also possess the same features, such as UV protection and polarization.

Many people assume sunglasses are just a fashion item, but that is not the case. Truth is sunglasses are necessary to protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. Thus, when buying replicas, always go for polarized, in order to eliminate eye problems such as obscure vision and eye strain.

Wholesale replica sunglasses come in affordable prices. Many wholesale stores sell sunglasses with 10 to 20 percent discounts; however, beware of scams. Even if you are buying wholesale replica sunglasses, it is important to check the reliability of the store you are dealing with in order to avoid scams.

If you wish to know more about sunglasses, keep checking our blog or visit our online store.



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