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The Truth about the Colour of Women Sunglasses

 If there is anyone who knows about colours, it is women. While men find it hard to distinguish blue from cerulean, women know it by heart. They are the experts at wearing all black and the masters of wearing white. They know how to mix and match all the colours in between.

Every colour under the sun has a special place when they prepare their outfit. How does this affect their choice on women sunglasses? Women know how to look good in colour and sunglasses come in various shades, making it the perfect fashion statement. Women can match their sunglasses according to the time of day, their mood, and outfit.

Just by looking at pictures on magazines and women on the streets, notice that they can truly take advantage of women sunglasses as the best fashion accessory in their faces. Although not all colours are the same to them, they know which works best with the type of your personality as well as your physical appearance. So, how is it possible for women to pick the perfect sunglasses?

  • They match their sunglasses with their natural skin tones. Yes, that is right. Women believe that there are two types of skin tones – warm and cool. You will know which complexion you have according to your undertones. If you have blue, pink, or olive undertones, then you have a cool skin tone. But if you have yellow, peach, or orange undertones, you have a warm complexion.
  • The right women sunglasses are also determined by hair colour. Bright blondes, fiery reds, jet blacks, and vivid browns are warm hair colours while shiny blacks, gray, coloured blondes, and mixed browns are cool hair colours. If you are not sure which warm-cool spectrum your hair falls, consider your skin tone. In general, ladies with warm complexions have warm hair colours; and, those with cool complexions have cool hair colours. The former may look best in gold, tortoise, brown, off-white, aqua, and bronze frames.   
  • Consider your personality in choosing women sunglasses. Personal preference is a crucial factor in choosing the colour of sunglasses that is right for you. If you are not sure which colours complement you, try rimless sunglasses that give emphasis on your face and not the eyewear accessory.

Want to know more about the truth about the colour of women sunglasses? Then you came to the right place. Check over here to get more information.


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