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Wholesale Sunglasses Brands

With over 30 years experience supplying sunglasses, frames and accessories, Euro Optics is one of the leading suppliers of wholesale sunglasses in Europe. These are some of the wholesale sunglasses brands currently sold at Euro Optics UK Ltd in London.

Due to exceptional quality Paolo Renna has rapidly become one of Euro Optics UK top selling wholesale sunglasses brands. The quality of Paolo Renna frames help protect the eyes from the harmful effects of sun rays and brightness. Also, the sporty design makes the brand quite popular among sports people and travelers.

Click here to view this year’s collection of Paolo Renna wholesale sunglasses and stands.

Another popular wholesale sunglasses brand at Euro Optics is Revex. Revex manufactures wholesale polarized sunglasses made with a special optical lens manufactured in the USA. Revex sunglasses are ideal for people that undertake outdoor activities, such as skiing, golf, jogging, biking, riding and fishing.

You can check this year’s collection of Revex Wholesale Polarized Sunglasses here or browse through the brand’s Sports catalogue here Revex Sport wholesale sunglasses

Lounge Eyewear has grown to become one of Euro Optics UK most popular wholesale sunglasses brands. Lounge Eyewear produces unisex sunglasses that come in a box of assorted colors, so you can present your customers with an array of different options.

If you wish to know more about Lounge Eyewear wholesale sunglasses and what products we have in stock, please contact Euro Optics UK – Wholesaler of Sunglasses, Reading Glasses, Frames and Accessories

Level One Eyewear is another of Euro Optics popular brands of wholesale sunglasses. From retro to quirky, Level One Eyewear designs wholesale sunglasses for a wide range of tastes and styles. Check this year’s collection of Level One Wholesale Sunglasses.

Last but not least, Indian sunglasses’ different designs and colors focus on the modern and stylish. They come in a branded package with a branded bar code attached to the optical frame.

How to Choose the Right Wholesale Sunglasses

Sunglasses do not only make you look fashionable, but also help protect your eyes from the damaging ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Thus, it is important that you choose the right ones to get the most of their benefits. When buying wholesale sunglasses, it can be difficult to make sure that you obtain what you needed so you need to follow these steps to make sure that you look fashionable and that your eyes are protected.

  1. When purchasing wholesale sunglasses, make sure to check the labels to ascertain that the sunglasses you ordered provide 100 percent UVA and UVB protection.
  2. Look for sunglasses that filter out some blue light. Blue light can damage the retina and cause serious eye diseases such as macular degeneration, which is a loss of vision caused by the degeneration of parts of the eye at old age. To make sure that that your wholesale sunglasses have this filter, try wearing them outside. The blue sky should appear gray with these sunglasses. You should also ask your retailer about polarization, which is a type of filtering useful in reducing glare.
  3. Choose a lens colour based on your comfort level and preference. Orange brown lenses are good choices if you are suffering from macular degeneration because they filter our blight light and UV rays, and offer maximum retinal protection. Green lenses often distort colours less than yellow and red, while gray does not affect colour perception.
  4. Order wholesale sunglasses in plastic, lightweight, and shatterproof materials, especially if you are planning to wear them while playing active sports.
  5. For total protection of your eyes, purchase sunglasses that cover a large area of your face.

Tips in Choosing Sunglasses

  • For added eye protection, you should wear a hat with at least 3 inches brim with your sunglasses.
  • Keep in mind that darker lens does not necessarily mean better protection. Also, light-tinted lenses do not necessarily offer better visibility. You should check labels in order to find wholesale sunglasses that offer the best protection.
  • To avoid mislabelling, purchase a UV card. A UV card is a device used for testing sunglasses. You can order this online or from an optometrist.

If you want to know how to choose the right wholesale sunglasses for you, visit our website to learn more.

Where to Buy Wholesale Sunglasses

If you are a person who is passionate about wearing sunglasses, you are not alone because there are million people out there who share that passion.  To satisfy your craze on this, it is wise to buy wholesale sunglasses.

In today’s world where wearing sunglasses is considered as fashionable and not only a protection from the heat of the sun and the too much light during daytime, it is not unlikely for one to be into wearing it everywhere he goes.  However, sometimes, one may find it difficult to match just one pair of sunglasses with all his or her garments so there is a need to buy more than one pair of sunglass.  The problem is if financial constraints may hinder him from buying more pairs.  The remedy is to buy wholesale sunglasses.

Just like many other commodities, buying wholesale sunglasses is much better than just buying a pair every now and then.  For one, when you buy in bulk, it is most likely that the seller will give you huge discount.  The seller might even be grateful to give give-aways aside from the great discount that you could avail.  With that, you could save your penny for other things. Buying wholesale may also save time and effort.  Buying wholesale sunglasses may save your time from going to a store every now and then.

Going to a nearby store to buy wholesale sunglasses may not be wise, as these stores may not have enough choices to offer.  The best way to buy in bulk would be to go to your computer and search for online stores.  Online stores offer a great number of styles of sunglasses for young and old. You may chose to have elegant or simple, dark tinted or light tinted or stylish or plain sunglasses.  Whatever you want, you may have in online stores.

There is however a danger in buying online.  Sometimes, the quality of the product may not be the same as it may seem to be.  So, in order to avoid this problem, one tip in buying online is to ask the seller to send a sample of his product.  It is not enough that you ask the seller of the specifications of the product because the seller may not tell you everything or the seller may not be able to give the exact description of the product, intentionally or inadvertently.  This tip must be borne in mind while buying online wholesale sunglasses to insure that we get the best product and best savings.



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