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The Best Wholesale Kids Sunglasses

At the present time, kids sunglasses carry the same style and designs as the adults’. They include jazzy and trendy styles and flooded the market with exclusive styles. However, many children still prefer to wear styles akin to adults. They would rather wear the conservative look of their parents than the colourful and vibrant styles of the now. The reason why they prefer such glasses is that they want to be treated like adults too.

Every parent wants what is best for his or her child, and health comes of most importance to them. They want to take care of their children to make sure that they are as healthy as they could ever be – both in medical and dental health concerns. The same is true when you talk about eye health.

Parents should be concerned with the health of their child’s eye and should take extra measures to keep them protected against the direct impact of the sun’s rays. There are many things to keep them protected such as caps, hats, and kids sunglasses. You never know when your child will wear a hat or cap but sunglasses are your best protection against UV rays.

Kids sunglasses are usually made of inexpensive metal or plastic frames so you do not have to worry. Kids are more than happy as they have the styles and designs they like. You do not have to spend all of your time looking for sunglasses at the mall as you can get them with just one click of your mouse. There are various local websites that sell wholesale sunglasses for kids. All you have to do is choose the design and check out discounts.

When shopping for wholesale kids sunglasses, you have to make sure that you will be dealing with a reputable seller. You also have to make sure that you are dealing with someone with a good track record or you might as well give your money to them without expecting something in return.

Before you buy sunglasses for your kids, confirm that they are UV 400 protected. If they are not, they are most likely cheap sunglasses. Keep in mind that it is important to protect the eyes of your children, and good sunglasses address this concern.

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Choosing Wholesale Kids Sunglasses for the Little Ones

As parents, it is important for you to help choose from wholesale kids sunglasses for your little ones. It boost their self-esteem when they are comfortable wearing their sunglasses at school and around their friends.

It is important for kids to wear the glasses to protect their eyes from getting worse when they get older. Thus having cool sunglasses will give then more incentive to wear when the sun is shining brightly. How do you choose from wholesale kids sunglasses for your little ones?


Frames greatly help the coolness of sunglasses. You need to know which are best for your child and which are not as well.

Plastic Frames are popular for kids since they have a more playful look than steel or metal frames. In addition, plastic frames look chunky. Thus, they are a more popular trend in eyewear, especially for the young ones.

Flexible Frames Another new trend in wholesale kids sunglasses is flexible frames. These frames are cool for the younger generation as they have the ability to bend and not break. They also come in various bright and frosty pastel colours.

Colourful Frames is one of the most popular for kids. They can come in various colours or even several in one pair of glasses. Colours and designs can make your kid look cool while wearing them.

Funky Frames are cool sunglasses frames that will also suit your kids. The unique and stylistic shapes stand out from other glasses. For instance, ovals, squares, and cat-eye frames can be funky designs for kids.


Retro or classic sunglasses are also in style for kids. They generally standout since they often have over colours and shapes. Sunglasses that are made between the 1920’s and 1980’s are retro. A lot of styles have been made such as thick frames and rectangular.

Aviators are another sunglass style for kids. They have been worn for decades by pilots, but have also been used by those who are into fashion that have never flown a plane. They are usually made of metal frames and plastic or glass lenses.

Shields are becoming popular as well. They have one long lens instead of the usual two separate lenses with a narrow connection in the middle. This style is both sporty and fashionable.


Although black sunglasses do not go out of style, vibrant colours are more popular for kids. While black connotes class and sophistication, colour sunglasses make a statement since they stand out more than the brown and black.

There are a lot of things that you have to consider when choosing wholesale kids sunglasses for the little ones. To know more you can go to our website.

Give wholesale kids sunglasses a chance

Are you a retailer of sunglasses?  Have you focused only on sunglasses for the adult population?  Look around and realize that fashion sunglasses for kids are actually trendy.  Children love to wear the sunglasses to look alike the barbie they are playing with.  Parents, on the other hand, look at it as cute”.  So, why not give wholesale kids’ sunglasses a chance?

It cannot be discounted though that some people are against the use of sunglasses for kids believing that it will destroy their eyes.  That is in fact baseless.  The basic purpose of sunglasses is to protect the eyes from the devastating effect of the sun, dust and other particles in the air.  It may be true that not all sunglasses are without some negative effects.  That’s the very reason why as retailer, you need to be more careful in choosing a wholesale kids sunglasses supplier.  Confirm that the sunglasses are free of some medical issues that might cause harm to the child’s eye. In case the supplier offer sample items, have these items be checked by a competent professional especially if you are dealing with a wholesale kid’s sunglasses supplier for the first time.  If you are confident about the credibility of your supplier having established a great business transaction with him for a long time, you may do away with counter checking the items.

As a responsible retailer, research and know certain precautions.  In a friendly manner, relay these precautions to parents.  Some parents do not really appreciate hearing precautionary measures because they treat it as unsolicited tips for parenting.  Thus, it is a challenge for you to formulate your message in a non-intrusive manner. For example, how will you let the parent realize that the main purpose of the sunglass is for protection and that must be the principal consideration and not the factor of cuteness?  Thus, parents should consider what the lens is.  In addition, the frames should be carefully chosen too.  It must be one that fits well without discomfort on the part of the child.

If you are still unconvinced to go for wholesale kids’ sunglasses, consider that the demand may be much more than you thought.  Since it is not only sought for eye protection during summer season but also for its “cute” effect on a baby or kid, expect that parents are more than willing to cash off money just to buy one for their little one.  Try to ask some photography centers and have a positive reply on this.
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