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50 Shades of Cool: Why Wearing Sunglasses is Good for You (Part 1)

Sunglasses, or shades as they are popularly known are more than a fashion accessory. They are also good for your health and can improve your overall look and feel.

We had the idea to come up with a(n almost) definitive list of the benefits of wearing sunglasses. Not only to your health but to the way you look and present yourself in society – the values you wish to represent or the icons you admire and follow.

So we joined the bandwagon of the success of 50 Shades of Grey, and decided to play around with the title of the bestselling book – now taken to the screen. So, with no further delay, here’s our own 50 Shades of Cool: Why Sunglasses are good for you.

Sunglasses are good for kids as they protect their sensitive eyes.

  1. Sunglasses are good for kids playing as they protect their sensitive eyes;

    sunglasses in films
    The Blues Brothers iconic film poster. A musical comedy featuring Belushi and Aykroyd in vintage sunglasses.
  2. Shades are good for your well-being. They upgrade your style and make you feel more comfortable;
  3. Sunglasses prevent eye strain;
  4. Polarized sunglasses reduce migraines and headaches caused by overexposure to sunlight;
  5. Shades are not only stylish, they are an essential part of your style, the way you look. Thus sunglasses have become popular fashion accessories;
  6. Shades reduce the effect of jet lag as the human body associates light with daytime;
  7. The Blues Brothers. A list of sunglasses in films will always be topped by John Landis’ (0’s cult classic starring John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd;
  8. Jack Nicholson. Probably the most stylish man alive. Ask Jennifer Lawrence;
  9. Dirty Harry.

To be continued. If you wish to know more about sunglasses, reading glasses and eyewear, keep checking our blog or visit Euro Optics UK | Wholesaler of Sunglasses, Reading Glasses and Optical Frames at

Why choose wholesale fashion sunglasses?

Your eyes mirror your soul.  It reflects what you feel and what you are.  It is a window to your personality.  It can be safely concluded that the most expressive body part is the eye.  This mainly explains why accessories to the eye are vital part of fashion.  Fashion sunglasses can highlight your beauty and accent your self-esteem.  Is it costly?  Not really if you opt for wholesale fashion sunglasses.

How can you avail of wholesale fashion sunglasses if you intend to purchase it for personal use?   Look for suppliers who have the least minimum order requirement.  Check if it fits your budget.  Otherwise, if you are deeply interested in fashion sunglasses, it must be a wise move to make it your business.  Make money out of the things that you are fond of.

Starting nay kind of business is coupled with a particular degree of risk.  With fashion sunglasses, you might be facing higher risk with the fact that fashion changes swiftly.  Several factors are affecting what is fashionable.  If you lose track of what is currently happening, who are the major players in the society then you will lose track of what is fashionable.  Most often, celebrities are the trendsetters.  So, it pays to stay upbeat with what is going on.  More importantly, you have to find a wholesale fashion sunglasses supplier who is caring enough to give you some tips on what he thinks is currently considered as fashionable or will be fashionable.  As wholesalers, they have a more realistic perspective on this because they knew what is trending basing on the growing orders that they receive.  With this fact, you gain an advantage while dealing with a wholesale fashion sunglasses supplier for your personal use – you will know what is fashionable without doing your own research about it.

Price, of course, is the major consideration in choosing to deal with a wholesale fashion sunglasses supplier.  But, before you make your first step, you have to make a realistic evaluation of how many you can sell within a particular time interval. Remember that fashion sunglasses may be outdated before you even realize it.  New trends come in without warning.  Suppliers will offer a bigger price cut with a higher volume of orders.  Nevertheless, as an entrepreneur, you have to assess whether you are capable of handling the volume of your order before you finalize a deal.  It is wise to start with the lowest minimum order requirement if you are starting with the business.  Once you feel that you are getting the hang of it, then it is the time that you can go for a higher volume.

So, why choose wholesale fashion sunglasses?  Because it offers a realistic promise of higher income.

Sunglasses A70078Sunglasses A30081Sunglasses A70097

Opting for wholesale fashion sunglasses

There must be no other greater way of highlighting your beauty than to focus on the window of your soul – that refers to your eyes.  Time and again, it is mentioned that the eye is foremost expressive as compared to other parts of the body.  Thus, you must not underestimate the effect of accessories to accentuate your aesthetic appearance.  This is among the greatest way of boosting one’s self esteem.  Opt for wholesale fashion sunglasses and you will not get off track from this goal.

Fortunately enough, some suppliers of wholesale fashion sunglasses cater to individual buyers.  We mean here people who wanted to buy for their personal use.  The term wholesale had been redefined by some suppliers that they had reduced the minimum order requirement making it more accessible for people who wish to buy only a small quantity.  Nonetheless, check on the differences of the price.  In case the price matters for you, you can do one thing – find friends who are also interested to buy the same eyewear as what you want.  Then, pool the orders to acquire a higher quantity of purchase.  In this way, you can avail of wholesale fashion sunglasses without really having to cash out a considerable amount.

Better yet, why not start your own fashion sunglasses retail store?  That may sound a bit scary specially if you have not done some business activities before.  But, before you put a final answer, check online and you will come to realize that dealing some items these days is not as difficult as before.  Do you own a facebook account or twitter account?  That’s it! If you have a good number of friends or followers, you may turn them into potential buyers.  This is not to make you turn your social networking accounts into profit-making activities as you may want to keep your account for socializing purposes.  But, give it a second thought.  In fact, if you can offer some eyewear items to your friends at really good price (much lower than those in malls or big shops), would that not be an amiable move? On the other hand, who knows – you might discover your business instincts or nature.

Obtaining wholesale fashion sunglasses is way practical than buying from the shop each time you need one.  This is especially true if you are very much into eyewear fashion.   If you keep a great supplier, you would not need to worry about where to source out your fashion needs.


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