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Various Styles of Ray Ban Wayfarer Wholesale

Ray Ban Wayfarer wholesale is one of the most iconic styles of the 20th century. Produced in 1952, it has been popular among celebrities, socialites, and common people alike. Made of metal, its popularity peaked in the 1980s when films such as “The Blues Brothers” and “Risky Business” featured this style on their main characters. If you want to own this iconic piece of eyewear, here are some styles that you should consider.

The Original Wayfarer

The original wayfarer wholesale is the classic Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses that come in black. However, the company injected more creativity and youth to it now by manufacturing them in different colours such as red, blue, yellow, and white. The frames of the wayfarer are rounded at the bottom of the lenses with angled tops. Each upper corner also includes the signature metal rivets of Ray Ban.

Wayfarer the Second

The second style of Wayfarer wholesale retains the traditional shape of their original counterparts, but incorporates the modern update of colourful plastic frames. It features two tone frames with a solid colour at the lower half lens and a different colour or bold pattern on the upper half and through the arms. Wayfarer the second is available in both bold and neutral colour combinations.

The Folding Wayfarer

The folding wayfarer wholesale is an updated version of the original one. It features arms that can be folded in half as they have small metal hinges hidden inside the arms. This updated version of sunglasses is more compact. It comes in black and tortoiseshell. You can also buy it in polarized lenses if you want to enjoy your favourite sports in style.

The New Wayfarer

Last but definitely not the least; the new Ray Ban wayfarer wholesale is almost the same as the original wayfarer sunglasses. They only differ in size and shape. The new wayfarer boasts a softer eye shape in contrast with its original counterpart. It is also less angled and less squared around the top half of the lenses. Like the originals, the frames of the new wayfarer display the signature logo of the company on the temples. This style also comes in many different colours.

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