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Sunglasses trends for 2016

September was a busy month for top designers, media and fashion aficionados around the world. First New York, then London, Milan and finally Paris closed the round of internationally renowned Fashion Weeks.

Aside all the celebrity and glamour, sunglasses also played a role in the busiest month for worldwide fashion industry. Specialists say some eyewear trends for the next spring/summer could be spotted both on and off the catwalk. Here are the most prominent:

First and foremost, Round Sunglasses. This retro-style frame has recently and slowly made a comeback and it’s safe to say a boom will occur in 2016. Same goes for Mirrored Sunglasses. Huge in the eighties, surprisingly (or not) mirrored sunglasses recently made a comeback last festival season. Here at Euro Optics UK we’ve lost count of the number of Coachella tweets with pretty girls wearing them.

Cat Eye Sunglasses at Euro Optics UK
Cat Eye Sunglasses at Euro Optics UK

Last but not least, sunnies with Transparent Lenses – meaning lightly coloured shades – are slowly but surely gaining popularity. Whilst Cat Eye Sunglasses and Bizarre Shaped Sunglasses will definitely be a major trend in 2016.

Exciting times ahead for the sunglasses industry!

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Eyewear Display: Presenting your Glasses Effectively

At least 70% of buying decisions are made within the eyewear shop since visitors are often overwhelmed when inside malls and tradeshows. Thus, a visually distinctive eyewear display is essential to make your products stand out. Countless eyewear products are competing for customer attention and you to know how to feature yours to enhance their overall appearance. If you are selling cheap sunglasses, making a good choice for the right display fixture can help increase your profit.


Visibility is a crucial element when presenting eyewear effectively. Increased visibility means you attract more people and make more sales. Eyewear display helps you monitor your products, quickly seeing empty items on optic stands. For instance, floor standing eyewear display racks stand alone and act as counter tops.

Checkout Counters

Checkout counters make it easier for customer to try your products while waiting for their turn. It allows them to add the glasses to their purchase easily. Of course, it will be more attractive if they match the theme of your store. Arrange your products according to the age of your target audience. Analyze their features and think of the best way to accentuate them.


Presentation is very crucial, thus you need to get a display rack to sell your products. Acquiring display racks is also a good investment for they provide convenience to customers, improve the image of your brand, and generate a high margin of sales.

Shop Atmosphere

Creating an atmosphere that will ease customers and provide them with convenience is a valuable strategy. It helps persuade customer to buy your products, convincing that glasses are important to them.

Custom Eyewear Display

Custom fixtures are an easy solution to personalize your products. They vary in colours to help highlight the theme of your establishment. With limitless choices, you can have more area to create themes and designs. Commissioning custom display racks ensures your merchandise stands out. You can choose attractive colours and visual details. However, you should also make sure that your displays do not look so crowded.

Use of Promotions

Promotions such as discounts to displayed eyewear are still an effective way to attract customers. Remember, you do not to use traditional style to make your products standout. The fixtures themselves will act as promotions. To get inspirations for your eyewear display, visit nearby competitors and check out their design and fixtures. If you want to know more unique choice, you can always check the internet.

If you want to display your glasses effectively, check out our website for tips and tricks on how to attract customers just by using your eyewear display.

Essentials when you want to trade sunglasses

Sunglasses – one of the things one cannot simply forsake when trying to be fashionable.  While some people may think of sunglasses as items for the summer only, fashion enthusiast may see it in a different angle – an important item to stay in trend.  This article is about trade sunglasses.  It does not mean “trade” in a traditional way that is almost equivalent to barter.  Checking some online dictionaries on what “trade” means may a bit misleading in that “trade” defined is about exchanging your good for something for value.  Trade sunglasses in this article refer to how you can deal with business undertaking with sunglasses.

Trade sunglasses may be done with ease by utilizing online means.  It is not as easy as it sounds.  It is not as easy as some online gurus describe how to earn thru online tools.  Creating the website, looking for suppliers, marketing the website to maximize online traffic are among the major things to undertake.  Under each of these three main undertakings are long lists of things to be done.

What to name your site – this is more important than you thought.  Sometimes, you may come up with a great name like “trade sunglasses” but be frustrated that someone had already registered that name.  When faced with this problem, consider that there are millions of words that you can use as an alternative.  If you think that you are running of options, there are sites where you can purchase great website names.

Finding a great supplier is equally vital to your success.  It is the “lifeblood” on your business, in fact.  Thus, it cannot be overemphasized that if you wish to trade sunglasses successfully, then this is the most important thing to consider.  You will surely find the best supplier if you give it time to screen the thousands of suppliers that you will find online.

Marketing your website is probably the most challenging of all.  Even if you have found a great supplier if there is no sufficient traffic to your site, then all efforts are nil.  Great items and great services may not be enough to let you be known in the field of trading sunglasses.  Several materials are available online, some are free while some are costly.  Tips that may cost you something may not necessarily guarantee success.  Several online marketers find it too frustrating that they hoped to land page one of Google searches, yet the end up seeing their website not even on 10th page of a search.

It truly takes time to learn sufficient angles of these three essential parts composing your online success.  There is no substitute for constantly researching on what needs to be done. Trade sunglasses successfully!

Essential Tips for Newbie Sunglass Distributors

You woke up one day and find your sunglasses broken and it is a bit annoying to replace it at a short period of time because you have to fit in your schedule to visit sunglass distributors and pick your choice.  At this point, you made a swift decision to be among the sunglass distributors in your area.  Does this ring a bell?  There are times that the ideas of engaging in a particular business just pop up from an unexpected event or an undesirable situation.  Arriving at the idea is very different to working out the idea itself.  Even if you think that the business set up that you are thinking will work, you need to painstakingly take steps to ensure that you are not plunging into something that is new to you and experiment on what works best and what does not.

Think about this, there are people ahead of you who already had an identical idea, for sure.  The only thing that you need to do is to find out how these people succeed or how those who failed missed the point to secure success.   Online research will come in handy especially if you are a newbie in the business world.

Picking your line of products

It is a highly competitive world out there.  Sunglass business is not something that is new.  Several sunglass distributors are way ahead of you in terms of business strategies and plans.  To make it more difficult, the sunglass industry is linked with fashion and thus, if you just rely on your personal options, it might be a bit difficult to hit the market with flying colours.  This is not to misjudge that you do not have the right taste but the thing is, if you wish to be among the successful sunglass distributors, then you have to diversify your picks in order to cater to different tastes.  You also need to be versatile and can move along with what is the fad.  Be keen on what is a reasonably predictable trend tomorrow.

Choose your supplier

This must be the most challenging of all.  Suppliers out there are offering packages that are seemingly equally attractive.  Give yourself time to evaluate your short list pedantically.  It pays to talk to your prospects personally thru phone or internet protocols.  These days, physical meet up is no longer a prerequisite for successful business dealing.

Follow the tracks

Carefully study how successful sunglass distributors have handled their business.  Of course, you would not expect that people will give you their trade secrets but there are ways of inferring what had been done according to some facts that you have gathered.  Equally important is keeping track with those who failed in the business.  It is not a pessimistic way of dealing with things if you do this.  It is to set for yourself some “detour signs” when you are operating your own business.

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Things to Bear In Mind When Dealing With An Online Distributor of Sunglasses

Gone are the days when buying more than a pair of a sunglass with good quality would rob off your money from your wallet.   Years back, it is not unlikely that before buying a sunglass, you have to give serious consideration as a sunglass then would really cost a lot of penny.  However, at present, there are distributors of sunglasses that offer sunglasses which are not only with good quality but are also budget friendly.

Looking for a distributor of a sunglass is an easy task, but having a distributor that gives quality sunglasses that will not damage the eyes would be a tedious job.

In almost all places, you could see distributors of a sunglass.  Passing through the sidewalk alone could give you a view of some distributors of a sunglass.   In fact, you may be given an array of choices to choose from.  One sunglass stand may answer the different fashion statement or taste of the different buyers.  On top of this, you will be asked to pay minimal amount as the purchase price.

However, most sunglasses bought at the sidewalk, although cheap, are of low quality.  It may either be easily broken or the lenses are not eye friendly.  Try buying a sunglass from the sidewalk and if your eyes start to ache which later on brings about headache, because of the improper constriction of the pupil of your eyes; then you would understand my point in saying that there are some sunglasses which are not eye friendly.  Once this will happen, you would come to realize that it is about time to look for a distributor of a sunglass that delivers cheap at the same time, a quality sunglass.  For this realization, it would be wise to turn to the internet and check on online distributors that offers good quality sunglasses.

Meantime, there are some online distributors who are fake so it is best that before dealing with them, you first check the authenticity of their website.  You are also encouraged to look for online comments about that distributor to check if there were previous dealings respecting to them.  If the online comments are good, then it means that the distributor is not a fake person.  However, even after reading the comments, you are also encouraged to investigate the source of the comment because it is possible that the good comments are place by the distributor of sunglasses, himself.

Looking for a sunglasses importer

Starting an eyewear store is both fun and profitable. You don’t just get to enjoy interacting with your customers but you also get away with a full pocket. However, this may be short live if your customers are not happy with their purchases after sometime. This is the reason why you must make sure that you are only selling top of the line sunglasses. You can achieve this by contacting a reputable sunglasses importer.

Quality is very important, not just for sunglasses but in all products. This is the weighing factor if your customers will come back for more or not at all. It is the main ingredient in making your customers stick to your store and share the good words to their families, friends, relatives, and even strangers that they met along the way. Needless to say, this is your main ticket to bigger profit. This is why it is imperative to have a contact with a trusted sunglasses importer.

There are countless of reasons why you should first look for a sunglass importer whom you can buy your sunglasses directly if you are planning to put up an eyewear store. First reason is when you buy directly from them you get to avail of their discounts. And when talking about discounts this will depend on the quantity of sunglasses that you are buying, mostly, the more you buy the bigger the discounts applies. Since you will be buying in wholesale price you get to save more and offer your products to your customers at a lower price. Another reason is that you get to hear straight from sunglasses importer the good side and bad side of their product. You are now free from the claws of middlemen who only care about getting more money. You are not dependent anymore to what they say about the sunglasses that you are planning to buy since you can get all the necessary information directly from sunglasses importer. Aside from this, there are other perks that you can enjoy as a bulk buyer depending on the deal that you have made with the importer.

When you are able to buy sunglasses from well known and trusted sunglasses importer, you can proudly say to the world that you are only selling the best and high quality sunglasses at a very low price. This will open the market for you since your reputation will surely be boosted. People will start seeing you as a company whom they can avail of awesome sunglasses at an affordable price. This will surely snowball and people will start flocking at your store’s doorstep.

That is why it is truly important to start from the very basic instead of jumping into business blindly. You must always do intensive research before putting your foot forward. Even when you are already established, you must always allow yourself time to read and learn about different developments in the eyewear industry. You should also be on constant watch for other sunglasses importer.

Dealing with sunglasses importers

The world of sunglasses and reading glasses are a booming industry. About a thousand people are wearing sunglasses or reading glasses. Don’t take away the fact that one person can own as many pairs as they want. That is why a lot of people are riding with the flow of this very lucrative business. Hundreds of business minded persons have ventured into the eyewear industry whether as sunglasses importers, exporters, or distributors. This is not only confined to eyewear stores or distributors but also to designers and job seekers alike.

It has opened the doors of opportunities for a lot of people. For designers, it has allowed them to look into other possibilities of enhancing the image of their designs, of putting more glamour and drama into each fashion piece that they create. For job seekers, it has created job opportunities for them to apply their knowledge and skills. Not only that but it also allowed other people to explore their skills in the eyewear industry.

For sunglasses importers, exporters, and distributors, the eyewear industry is a venue to earn more profit. As eyewear designs keeps on changing and the wants of people keeps on embracing this changes, so does the drive of these sunglasses importers, exporters, and distributors to sell more.

Being an importer of sunglasses is a big responsibility since you play a major role of supplying the needs of distributors. Without you, there wouldn’t be small businesses of eyewears. You are the deciding factor whether a certain store should still continue with the business or not. That is why it is important that you should always keep your reputation at its best.

There will always be someone out there who will try to out do everything that you are doing. They are just waiting around the corner waiting for your downfall. This is the very reason why you must always stay ahead of the game. It’s a dog eat dog world out there. There will be no room for mistakes. Since one mistake committed and not corrected or addressed properly could mean your doom and the joy for other sunglasses importers. Remember, your competitors – other sunglasses importers are just out there looking and watching for signs. Once you gave it to them they will happily grab hold of it without letting go.

One way to avoid these scenarios is by building customer loyalty to your products. Offer only the best and highest quality sunglasses. Since you will be dealing mostly with eyewear distributors, you must formulate a scheme on how to give them large discounts for their bulk purchases without leaving you broke. You must already have an outline or even a detailed list of the process everyone must follow to be able to avail of your wholesale prices. By doing this you are able to establish not only the market price of your sunglasses but also the orderliness of your system. When you have an orderly and systematic system that you follow, you are assured that nothing is amiss.



Looking for importers of sunglasses

As a retailer of sunglasses, one consideration that you will make is where to purchase your sunglasses. To ensure the quality and authenticity of the eyewear that you purchase, you must buy only from trusted importers of sunglasses. This serves as an assurance for you that you are buying glasses with high quality at a low price. On the other hand, this also serves as a guarantee for your customers that you are only selling the best in the market.

Looking for importers of sunglasses: Most retailers often find themselves in awkward situations because their customers are unhappy with their purchases. Taken for granted that the eyewear being sold is relatively cheap but they are of poor quality. This is a deterrent factor for both present and future customers from purchasing again from the store.

Aside from this, retailers find themselves in some kind of a nightmare when they found out that some importers of sunglasses that they have contacted doesn’t know the meaning of commitment.

To avoid any of this, you need to look for importers of sunglasses with proven track record. First on your checklist should be the capability of the importer to provide your needed sunglasses at a given period of time. Second is the willingness of the importer to give you discount for wholesale sunglasses. Other considerations are the after sales support that the importer provides, shipping options and additional fees that you might incur with your purchase. By being aware of these, you are given a bird’s eye view on what to expect.

Apart from these, you should always have an option. You must not just rely solely on one importer; rather have different importers of sunglasses on your contact list. This way, when things go wrong with your first choice you can always have a plan b. There are unforeseen events that might happen such as items not available, importer is on holiday, fortuitous events and other things unimaginable. By having other options you give yourself and your customers and assurance that you will be able to deliver what you have promised. When you do this, people will trust you and you can start to build your name from there.

Some mistakes that retailers commit are their attitude of “stick to one”. Sometimes this is beneficial but most of the time it is detrimental to a business. Your customers will not really care for your reason for not being able to give them the design or color of sunglasses that they want. They won’t just seat at your shop listening to your excuses. Instead they will immediately go to your competitors and not give you a second thought especially if they found what they are looking for in other stores.

Better start thinking on how to have an edge over your competitors. Start it right by contacting only reliable importers of sunglasses that can give you quality and wholesale sunglasses.

A lesson that you can learn from successful business men is their ability to give excellent customer service bundled with their quality products. If you have these two then nothing can go wrong.



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