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Some helpful tips when choosing sunglasses lenses

When choosing a pair of sunglasses you should go for frames that fit your style and face shape. But when it comes to lenses, do you know what to look for?

When it comes to lenses, there are three major types, according to the materials: Standard Plastic Lenses (the most common, less shattering and with better UV protection); Polycarbonate Lenses (highly impact resistant making them the preferred choice for safety glasses and children glasses); and finally High Index Lenses (most comfortable).

Despite the material of your new sunglasses lenses, when choosing the right ones always go for 100% UVA/UVB protection. When in doubt, check the package or ask the sales person. If you are buying online, search this information in the product description.

Though blue light may not be as harmful as Ultra Violet rays, there is increasing evidence it can damage your eyes. This is why it is good to always go for lenses with blue and violet light filter.

Wholesale Polarized Sunglasses at Euro Optics UK
Wholesale Sunglasses with polarized lense at Euro Optics UK

When it comes to the health benefits of wearing sunglasses, we never tire of writing about the important role played by Polarized lenses. Polarized lenses not only reduce the glare but also increase visual performance. If you wish to know more about the benefits of Polarized lenses, please check this article.

When buying a new pair of sunglasses, and especially if you have light sensitivity, you should consider lenses with a Selective Color Filter. What this filter does is it blocks some types of light, whilst allowing others through, making it easier for you to see in bright clear days.

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50 Shades of Cool: Why Wearing Sunglasses is Good for You (Part 4)

Sunglasses have become widely popular. Not only as fashion items that also protect from the harmful effects of UV rays and other elements, but as indispensable artifacts of popular culture.

In part 4 of our 50 Shades of Cool list of the benefits of wearing sunglasses, we look on how sunglasses give you visual comfort, help you on certain social occasions and are celebrities unofficial uniform.

(continued from part 3)

  1. Sunglasses offer visual comfort by protecting the eye from glare.
  2. Shades can hide your eyes, making eye contact impossible.
  3. Sunglasses can hide your bulging eyes.
  4. Sunglasses help you squint without being spotted.

Polarized sunglasses allow wearers to see into water when only surface glare would otherwise be seen.

  1. If you’ve been weeping, shades can hide your red eyes.

    polarized sunglasses
    Revex Polarized sunglasses. Buy wholesale sunglasses at
  2. Polarized sunglasses allow wearers to see into water when only surface glare would otherwise be seen.
  3. Sunglasses are a good complement to your poker face (i.e. if you are a professional Poker player).
  4. Sunglasses Parties in the Winter.
  5. Sunglasses can be a good disguise if you are a public person.
  6. Someone said ‘sunglasses are the celebrities unofficial uniform’ and was right.

To be continued. If you’ve missed other parts of our 50 Shades of Cool list, please click here. (PART 1) (PART 2) (PART 3)

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What to Look for When You Buy Sunglasses Wholesale

Aside from keeping your eyes protected against the rays of the sun, sunglasses also protect them against dust and water. If you are an athlete or into extreme sports, performance always comes first before fashion when it comes to your sunglasses. This is due to the fact that the wind in your face may make you struggle more to read and the sun may blind you when you are doing cross-country skiing.

Thus, you need to buy sunglasses wholesale that is more than what looked good in you. Remember you are given only one pair of eyes, you need to treat them right.

Sunglasses are more than just fashion accessories. They protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun and even just the fierce look of apparent curiosity. Sunglasses are both functional and critical parts of the outdoor gear. Thus, do not buy low quality ones especially if the outdoor is part of your lifestyle.

Although the styles of the sunglasses are an important part of the consumer’s decision, still you should not neglect other factors such as protection, especially if you are using your glasses for physical activities. Thus, you have to look for sunglasses that will reduce the dangers of eye damage. This benefit cannot be provided by cheap sunglasses you pick up on the boardwalk.

When planning to buy sunglasses wholesale, look for the single and most important criteria: absorption or blockage of up to 100 percent of UVB and UVA light. Do not give up the benefits of quality sunglasses with one with a lower price but poor UV absorption. You will only make things worse.

UVB and UVA can create damage to the surface of your eye. They can even start with cancerous cells around the eyelids. Too much ultraviolet light can also damage the cornea which may result in cataract formation. If you do not wear sunglasses, you can acquire growths in your eyes that can cause redness, irritation, astigmatism, and even loss of vision.

So the next time you buy sunglasses wholesale, make sure they provide protection from UV light since they can damage your retina and cornea. Also, make sure that they have protection from glare and include quality polarization. Find lenses that reduce if not eliminate specific frequencies of light.

Last but not the least, you should consider the fit more that appearance. Always look for a pair of sunglasses that is comfortable and is made up of sturdy materials that will not break and cause eye damage or injury. Once you find these qualities in the sunglasses, then you are good to go!

If you’re still having trouble when it comes to what to look for when you buy sunglasses wholesale you can view our site to know more. It contains the necessary information you need to know when it comes to buying sunglasses wholesale.


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