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Tips on how to Compete with Online Eyewear Companies

In times of economic peril the idea of setting up a small business sometimes pops up as a result of an unexpected event or setback. But having an idea and working to put that idea in practice are two very different things. Here are some tips that will help you if you wish to compete with online eyewear companies.

Market your products

In order to beat online eyewear companies, you need to find the best ways to market your products. Presently this means engaging in social media activity. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, FourSquare, GroupOn are good online marketing tools that will help you promote your business.

Carefully choose your collections

Your products are also an important factor to compete. Make sure you sell eyewear that is trendy as well as sunglasses accessories and other related products.

Blog, blog, blog

If you have a blog attached to your website, post about celebrity eyewear and eye health. You need to be fun and exciting to attract more consumers as online retailers are now getting more and more exciting and active.

Educate your staff

Customer satisfaction is of paramount importance in all businesses. And your staff should be educated to a degree they will be able to attend customer queries and complaints in a professional and informed manner.  In addition to your blogs about eyewear, also blog about technology. Many consumers are either uninformed or misinformed about certain technology. By giving them the correct information, you will be able to gain more readers and consumers in return.

There are many more ways that you will be able to compete with an eyewear distributor online. If you want to read more tips, click here!

Know your glasses list Part 1

If you own an eyewear business or happen to be a lover of sunglasses and specs, you are most certainly familiar with the terms we are about to list. But for some people, doing a Google search or trying to describe  those beautiful shades they have seen on TV to the person behind the counter may be a bit tricky. We have put down a list of common terms in the eyewear business that will help you find your favourite sunglasses in a tick.


Developed to protect pilot’s eyes. Include a variety of styles such as the famous aviators.


aviator-sunglasses-wholesaleTriangular oval lenses originally developed by Bausch and Lomb and popularised by Ray Ban.


Cat Eye

cat-eye-sunglasses-wholesaleMarilyn Monroe’s favourite, these sunglasses have pointed up top outer edges with a rounded bottom.


wayfarer-sunglasses-wholesalePlastic frames, medium squared, popularised by Bob Dylan and Andy Warhol.



50’s and 60’s masculine eyewear with keyhole bridge and thick acetate rim.


Also called brownies because the upper part of the frames frame the lenses the same way eyebrows frame the eyes.


Big wide lenses that wrap around the face.


Wrap variation, specially designed for bikers who face high speed winds.


Another variation of Wrap. Extremely wide monolenses.

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Wayfarer Sunglasses – Never get old… much like vampires

Originally manufactured by Ray-Ban, wayfarer sunglasses made it big prior to the 1970’s. But the masculine and dangerous wayfarer look didn’t resonate with the 70’s generation: The peace and love kids wanted to see the world through much more colourful glasses.

It was the beginning of the 1980’s and it seemed that wayfarers had had their prime and were destined to be a footnote in the sunglasses history book. However, an advertising effort by Ray-Ban in the 80’s which continued throughout the 1990’s up until 2007 managed wayfarers a lucrative comeback.

Wayfarer Sunglasses at Euro Optics UK Ltd in London
Wayfarer Sunglasses at Euro Optics UK Ltd in London

The new millennium saw Wayfarers back into fashion, when celebrities like Mary-Kate Olsen and Chloë Sevigny began sporting sunglasses with vintage frames. On top of all, the boom of teenage vampire films – the 2008 film Twilight features vampire Edward Cullen wearing a pair of wayfarers – shoot up wayfarer prices on ebay. This caught Ray Ban designers’ attention, who soon re-introduced the original wayfarer design in order to meet the increasing demand.

In pop culture, films and TV shows like The Blues Brothers, The Breakfast Club, Miami Vice or Risky Business will always be paramount to the wayfarer fan culture.

Euro Optics UK Ltd is one of the UK’s largest importer, wholesaler and distributor of eyewear, with over 30 years’ experience. If you wish to know more about sunglasses, reading glasses and eyewear, keep checking our blog or visit Euro Optics UK | Wholesaler of Sunglasses, Reading Glasses and Optical Frames at

How to Pick the Best Sunglasses UK

Sunglasses UK are the style statements that you want other people to notice. They are available in various colours, designs, and shades which make them perfect to suit everyone’s unique style.

But choosing the best sunglasses do not only involve fashion, there are many other things you need to consider to pick the best sunglasses in the United Kingdom. Since fashion sets you apart from others, you should make your style standout from others with the use of trendy and unique sunglasses.

People do not only invest on footwear and outfits to follow the latest fashion trends; they also pay a lot of their attentions to fashionable accessories like sunglasses. You can gain appreciation from others if you know how to pick the best sunglasses UK.

You can try and experiment on many things, but it is important that you choose the right sunglasses to protect your eyes and enhance your appearance.

Because of their growing popularity, sunglasses UK have become available in the market nowadays. They are made in various pairs with a lot more frames and lenses to choose from. However buying sunglasses is not just about looking stylish, you also need to consider many things as well. These include:

  • Protection. Your sunglasses UK should block at least 95% of UVA rays and 99% of UVB rays. Ultraviolet rays can cause many eye problems such as cataracts and macular degeneration. They can also cause skin problems such as cancer.
  • Lens Materials. The materials of lenses affect the clarity, weight, cost, and durability of the sunglasses. You can choose among glass, polycarbonate, glass, and NXT polyurethane depending on your preference.
  • Frames. Lastly, frames should suit the shape of your face and personality. Plastic frames are popular as they are lightweight but there are other options available. The colours also enhance your personality so make sure that you choose the ones that suits your needs and preferences.

Considered as one of the most preferred fashion accessories all over the world, sunglasses have never lost their popularity among the young and the old. They have remained as the number one choice of many fashion patrons.

Aside from their function of protecting the eyes against the harmful rays of the sun, sunglasses UK are known for their stylish and attractive appearances. They are the perfect style statement that can turn your look from classic to trendy.

If you want to know more about how to pick the best sunglasses UK, learn the facts here now.

Are Cheap Sunglasses Safe?

You know that the sun can burn the skin, right? But, do you also know that it can do damage to your eyes? Yes, the sun can actually hurt the eyes immediately after exposure but damage is accumulated over the years, which lead to multiple eye problems.

The ultraviolet rays of the sun, particularly UVB, are most damaging to the eyes. UVB rays can damage the lens by unravelling and tangling the proteins that made up the lens so they become cloudy after years of exposure.

Another long term eye problem is pinguecula which is harmless but looks unsightly with its yellow fatty deposits in the white of the eye. So, are cheap sunglasses fit to protect your eyes against UV?

Cheap sunglasses can block UV if you know how to choose carefully. Light is measured in nanometres and UVB rays have 320-390 nanometres. So, choose sunglasses with CE mark as they do not allow more than 5 percent of UV rays to get through. Also choose glasses with a UV 400sign as they protect your eyes for as much as 400 nanometres. Some glasses are also graded by the darkness of their tint but this does not provide UV protection. Dark tints can be misleading if you do not check the UV rating.

Many people think that paying more gives them more protection. But, do you really need to spend a lot to protect your eyes? The real risk comes with cheap sunglasses that claim to offer UV protection but do not. Here are some of the cheap sunglasses that are rated 10/10 in terms of UV protection:


These cheap sunglasses offer 100% protection agains UV rays below 400 nanometres. They provide good coverage across the eyes as well as the delicate skin around the eyes. They do not let light from the sides enter the eyes as they are fitted based in the face of the wearer.


With a good shape and Jackie-O style, Summer Living also offer 100% UV protection. They offer good protection in its very good shape as it covers a wide area of the eye. It only allows minimal stray light at the sides to come in.

Are cheap sunglasses safe? If you want to know the low down about cheap sunglasses, head on over to our website.


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