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How to get the best pair of sunglasses frames

Sunglasses frames come in various types, such as cat’s eye, round or oval. Each design matches with a different type of face shape and hair colour. Choosing the best frame will help enhance the way you look. Hence, it is important that the frames bring the upper part of your face in proportion with your lower part.

The trick question when buying a new pair of sunglasses is to know which frame design to choose, in line with the shape of your face.

An oblong face is narrow. It is characterized by high cheekbones, a long nose, and a tall forehead. In order to make it appear shorter, people with oblong faces should wear sunglasses with tall frames. To add width, try broad sunglass frames with a detailed top rim or an ornamental temple. Avoid short frames as they will only emphasize the length of your face.

A wide forehead and broad cheekbones that narrow to a small a chin is what we usually call a heart-shaped face. Bottom heavy sunglass frames work best with this face type as they make your lower face appear wider. Narrow, round frames also work well as they soften your forehead. If you have a heart shaped face, avoid top heavy glass frames.

The colour of your hair will also determine the right colour of your frames. If you have fair hair, choose metal frames or plastic frames of soft pastel shades to avoid overwhelming your face. Black and brown hair goes well with more dramatic frames.

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