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Things to consider before you buy a sunglasses case

Whether you own expensive designer sunglasses or quality cheap sunglasses, you know how important it is to keep them safe whenever you are not wearing them.

There are a number of sunglasses cases available in shops and from online glasses case suppliers. But before buying a case for your sunglasses let’s review the benefits of each type.

There are two types of sunglasses cases: hard shell cases and pocket style cases.  Hard shell cases or hard cases are usually more expensive than pocket style cases. They can be made of metal, vinyl, plastic, fibreglass or other hard materials. This is to increase the protection of your glasses. Unlike soft cases – which can be opened on one hand – they usually have some sort of magnetic closure or snap that runs the long-ways.

Soft cases, also known as pocket style cases, are made of stiff or soft cloth and are suitable for everyday use as they have one open side which allows you to take your sunglasses in and out with easy.

However, if you want something to protect your glasses from falling, breaking or being smashed, a soft case will not do much for your sunglasses. For better protection you need to buy a hard case from a reputable sunglasses cases supplier. Click here to browse through Euro Optics UK Ltd sunglasses case collection.

The more expensive your sunglasses, the more you need to protect them from crushes and scratches. Some people go for general sunglasses cases. They are less expensive but are also usually softer than a hard case. Many people opt for this type of cases, yet they will not protect your sunglasses from crushes.

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List of sunglasses accessories

Sunglasses accessories not only provide safety and security to sunglasses, but also improve the style and set trends themselves. A number of high end fashion brands and sunglasses designers include a variety of accessories to their sunglasses collections.

Most popular sunglasses accessories list:

Sunglass Cloths

Cloths are meant to wipe the glass lenses. Cloths usually come free when you buy your sunglasses. They are designed in such way that wiping the sunglass will not result to scratches on the surface of the lens.

Sunglass Cords

Sunglasses cords are one of the most popular and important sunglasses accessories. They help keep sunglasses tied to the back of your neck to prevent accidental falls.

Sunglass Straps

Straps are used to protect your sunglasses from accidental damages caused by falls. They also provide comfort to the user while maintaining ergonomics. Sunglass straps are also used to secure your sunglasses when performing sports like skiing and swimming. Many major sports equipment manufacturers and fashion labels sell their own brand of sunglass straps.

Whether you want to achieve a casual, formal or sophisticated look, you can always find accessories for your sunglasses that will suit your need and enhance your eyewear.         

Please visit this site to know more about how to sell these accessories.

Types of Sunglasses Accessories Wholesale

Sunglass distributors should also include sunglasses accessories wholesale to their collection as they are of equal demand with the eyewear they sell. Many sunglasses accessories can be stored and sold by wholesalers, including:

Repair Kits

Wholesalers should stock a number of repair kits as they contain everything necessary to fix small damages on sunglasses. They allow users to repair their eyewear when the need arises. Repair kits include assorted screws, nose pieces, assorted nuts, and a handy tool. They are usually sold by dealers in bulk for the convenience of retailers.

Polarized Sign

One of the many important sunglasses accessories wholesale is the polarized sunglass sign. It is important for the promotion of any retail unit as it helps increase the sale of polarized sunglasses. It is usually sold as single piece. Anyone who comes to purchase polarized eyewear is asked to check out the sign board.

Those who wear polarized sunglasses can see the fish, which helps explain the amazing and cutting edge ability of polarized shades. Acting as a sales promotion tool, it makes customers more inclined to purchase polarized sunglasses.

Sunglasses Case 

A sunglasses case is usually demanded by customers to keep their eyewear safe when not in use. It is usually purchased along with the sunglasses. The case makes them at peace that their sunglasses are cared for from the very first day. Available in various colours and sizes, it is made of durable material and is usually sold in bulk. If you are looking for sunglasses accessories wholesale, do not forget to add sunglass cases to your collection.

Cleaning Cloth

Another very important accessory is the cleaning cloth which maintains the lenses without scratching them. It is made to clean the sunglass lenses and is sold in bulk. Many retailers offer these sunglasses accessories wholesale to buyers for free as a way to thank them for making a purchase. Customers love free items and are happy to get something useful such as a cleaning material.

Sunglass Cords

Lastly, sunglass cords are usually used by children to help keep sunglasses firmly in place and avoid them from falling off and getting damaged. They are available in different materials so it is up to you to choose which works best.

If you want to learn more about different types of sunglasses accessories wholesale, our website contains all the latest information about it.


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