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Advantages of Wholesale Polarized Sunglasses

Compared to normal sunglasses, wholesale polarized sunglasses have better characteristics. If they are polarized, they make the colours bolder and the contrast sharper. They also remove glare and improve the quality of your vision.

Polarized sunglasses protect your eyes from glare, intense light and the harmful rays of the sun. In addition, they include reflection-free coating to reduce reflection and improve the efficiency of the lenses.    

Aside from the fact that they can be bought for a much lower price, polarized sunglasses reduce the odds of you squinting, which is a natural response to the harmful effects of the sun. Also, polarized sunglasses are thin and lightweight, improving you visual awareness and providing your eyes with greater comfort.

One of the advantages of Polarized Sunglasses is that, if you worry about fashion and looking good, there are a number of colours available in polarized lenses. Plus, they can be very attractive and fashionable to suit your personal style.

Compared to polarized sunglasses, tinted lenses can expose you to eye diseases since their dark lenses dilate your pupils, making more ultraviolet rays penetrate in the inner parts of your eyes.

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Polarized Sunglasses: How they Work

Polarized sunglasses are popular among boaters and fishermen as they reduce glare from the surface of the water. Nowadays, many people spend their time outdoors and they too can benefit from polarized lenses.

Aside from boaters and fishermen, outdoor enthusiasts such as bikers, joggers, skiers, and golfers also benefit from polarized shades. Even those who only like to enjoy a clearer view can benefit from them.

Since they eliminate glare from the hood of the car or the surface of the road, these sunglasses can be used for driving. They can even be worn indoors by light-sensitive people and post-cataract surgery patients.

How do Polarized Sunglasses Work?

Generally, light from reflected surfaces is horizontally polarized which means that it travels horizontally rather than scattered in different directions. This creates a dangerous intensity of light, better known as glare. In response, polarized sunglasses cut the glare to make your eyes more comfortable and help you see more clearly. Polarized lenses have special filters that block the horizontal light, therefore reducing glare.

When are Polarized Sunglasses not advisable to Use?

Although they improve visibility and promote comfort, polarized shades should not be used all the time. There are instances when you should not use them. For instance, downhill skiing requires accessories that will warn you of the approaching hazards. Since polarized lenses block light that is reflected off the icy patches, you will not be able to tell if hazards are coming your way.

They also reduce the visibility of images produced by light emitting diodes (LED) and liquid crystal displays (LCD) found on dashboards of cars, digital screens on ATMs, and self-service gas pumps. Boaters and Pilots have reported problems when viewing LCD displays on instrument panels, a crucial issue when making immediate decisions. Polarized lenses may also block you from seeing your cell phone or GPS device.

What is the real score?

For most outdoor sports and activities, polarized sunglasses offer great advantages. In combination with other features that enhance your outdoor experience, they are great options for people who enjoy the outdoors.

Polarized bifocal and progressive lenses are even available if you are suffering from presbyopia. So whether you spend your time on outdoor sports or sunbathing, polarized shades are the right choice to help you enjoy your life in the open.

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Polarized Sunglasses – Making You See Better

Some people do not understand what polarized sunglasses really are so they do not spend their extra money on them. You may think that they are no better than ordinary sunglasses so there is no good reason to pay more for them.

However, polarized sunglasses are in fact better than their ordinary counterparts. Many people, particularly boaters and fishermen, benefit from these sunglasses. They prove to be very beneficial for people who spend time in outdoor activities, making them see well.

Polarized sunglasses have special lenses that use filters to block the horizontal waves of the glare while letting other waves pass through. These lenses are capable of filtering UVA, UVB, UVC, and other harmful UV lights. Polarized glasses are different from ordinary sunglasses as they reduce glare, feel comfortable, and offer a clear view for you to enjoy everything around you.

Thanks to the advancement in technology, these sunglasses also offer improved vision in snow, sand, water, roads, and other reflective surfaces. By wearing these sunglasses, you can stay outdoors for longer periods of time, allowing you to drive safely night and day.

Most pilots also use polarized sunglasses to protect their eyes and golfers use them to see better on the course. At the present time, these sunglasses are available in the market in various fashionable choices. While they look like ordinary sunglasses, they work differently.

You should invest in polarized glasses from recognized brands, if you can, as they do not only make sunglasses with style but also with integrity. So when you buy polarized glasses, make sure that they are made of high quality materials.

Drivers are some of the people who need polarized sunglasses because some driving accidents are caused by glare. And glare comes from various sources on the road, such as snow, water, and the road itself. Keep in mind that polarization is best for all activities done outside and you should not ignore size and quality when buying a pair.

Bright coloured polarized glasses filter light, helping you see better. Buy a pair today and see the world clearly as you perform outdoor activities or travel while keeping your eyes protected.

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The Health Benefits of Wearing Polarized Sunglasses

Polarized sunglasses are beneficial to your health. They do not only make good fashion statements or improve the way you look, but they also improve your overall well-being. Medically, they offer a number of advantages when you wear them on a regular basis. They help protect your eyes by minimizing their exposure to the harmful rays of the sun. If ultraviolet rays can cause skin cancer, imagine how much damage it can do to your eyes.

Polarized sunglasses help reduce the instance of migraines and headaches caused by overexposure to sunlight. They work by limiting exposure and preventing eye strain, especially when you are out in the sun and having fun.

Studies show that they also reduce the effects of jet lag. The human body clock associate light to daytime so wearing sunglasses on long trips will block most sunlight, helping the body adjust to the new time when you arrive.

The evolving technology on trade and commerce allows customers to buy sunglasses online in the convenience of their own homes. Many online sellers and stores provide you with the chance to compare and choose one sunglasses to another in just a span of time.

After a series of clicks, filling out order forms, and payments, you can have your polarized sunglasses delivered at your doorstep. If you experience a series of headaches and migraines, consider the fact that you overexposed your eyes to sunlight.

Many people wear sunglasses, even celebrities, because aside from making you look great, they also protect your eyes. They offer a number of benefits when you wear them on a regular basis. People around the globe benefit from wearing polarized sunglasses. The Australians who have the sun up and bright during the day wear them when they go outdoors.

Americans, when under the intense summer sun, enjoy their favourite sports outdoors when wearing them as well. As a true blood British, it is essential for you to have a good pair of them as well. They will not only improve your look but also enhance your overall health. Go to your nearest local store now and check their selection of polarized eyewear.

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How to Determine Polarized Sunglasses

Polarized sunglasses are important accessories that reduce glare from reflective surfaces such as the roads, snow, and water. They are popular among people who are involved in outdoor activities such as water sports, jogging, and driving.

Although they are slightly more expensive than their regular counterparts, they are effective in relieving eye discomfort and poor visibility caused by the sun. They contain invisible vertical striping that blocks the horizontal light waves of the sun from entering the eyes.

How do you determine polarized sunglasses? You will need the sunglasses, a clear sunny day, and a flat and highly reflective light surface like a large shiny object, a cement pavement, or a lake. Then, follow these steps:

  1. Wearing the sunglasses, stare directly at the identified surface. If you find it uncomfortable to withstand the glare for more than a few seconds or if you are squinting while looking at the surface, you are not wearing polarized sunglasses.
  2. If your lenses are polarized, you should be able to look at the surface for a long period when you place the sunglasses over your eyes and look at the same surface. You should not feel or experience any discomfort as well.
  3. When you are looking at a surface, determine that glare has been reduced while wearing the sunglasses. If the glare remains, then your sunglasses are just tinted with a darker colour. Polarized sunglasses should be able to eliminate glare as well as haze. If your sunglasses are polarized, you can also experience sharper vision with the surrounding objects appearing in greater details.

Things to Remember:

  • Sunglasses that are polarized are ideal for outdoor activities.
  • They are not recommended for downhill snow skiing as they reduce the contrast between the snow and ice, which can be dangerous.
  • They reduce visibility of LCD displays on electronic devices, resulting to dim or unreadable digital screens.
  • They do not block all glares, only those caused by horizontal light waves. If you tilt your head at a 45 degree angle, horizontal light waves can still access your eyes.
  • Avoid looking directly at highly reflective surfaces for longer periods of time, especially if you are not wearing proper eye protection.

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How Polarized Sunglasses Work

Polarized sunglasses are a type of eyewear that reduce glare from reflected surfaces such as metal and water. They are suitable for outdoor activities such as fishing and driving. With reduced glare, you are able to see the water more clearly. Thanks to Edwin Land who invented them in 1937, you are able to enjoy reduced glare and increased vision. Plus, you can look cool on it. So, how do they really work?

Polarized sunglasses neutralize the effect of glare, which is caused when the rays of the sun reflect off any surface. Since glare is horizontally polarized, these sunglasses effectively neutralize them as their lenses are vertically polarized. These sunglasses are especially made to reduce the harmful effects of the light and glare. They are a perfect accessory for all your outdoor activities.

Whether you are going fishing, skiing, mountain climbing, or riding, polarized sunglasses are perfect for various activities. They do not only offer UV and glare protection, but they also make you look cool. So do yourself a favour and get a pair or more of these sunglasses.

Polarized Light

The light waves from the sun can bounce and reflect or refract light. Polarized light, on the other hand, is organized in one plane. When you are looking at a calm ocean, the glare of the sun reflects off the water, making it hard to look without sunglasses or squinting. That glare is the light that cannot penetrate the surface of the ocean, so it gets reflected back. Water does this well along with roads, snow, and other bright and shiny surfaces. As mentioned above, the glare of light is horizontally polarized.

Polarized Sunglasses

This type of sunglasses neutralizes the horizontal reflection of light by screening it in vertical polarizing filters applied on their lenses. Only the part of the light wave which is horizontal can pass through. Everything else is absorbed on the lens. This means that the most intense light will be blocked and the glare will be reduced.


By blocking the harshest reflected light, you can have a crisper field of view. You do not have to squint your eyes as the painful brightness is reduced. This is very important for sports and professions that are performed under the heat of the sun such as sailing, fishing, car racing, and winter sports.   

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