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How to Manage Optical Displays for Sale

Optical displays, also known as frame boards, are vertical, acrylic frame holders that are usually mounted on the wall. They are primarily used to manage frames in optical retail stores. The glasses are usually hung in rows on the optical displays for sale.

However, some displays have rows of trays that allow the frames to be displayed with their arms folded, like how glasses look when placed on a table. Thus, it is important that you maintain your optical displays well to build sales a project a professional image.

Organize by Frames

The first step in managing optical displays for sale of eyewear is to organize the frames by type. Frames are available in two types – plastic and metal. By keeping all plastic frames in one area and all metal on another, customers will be able to conveniently pick the eyewear they like. You should also subgroup frames by keeping the rimless plastic frames altogether and the metals on the metal optical displays as well.

NOTE: Frames can be rimless, full-frame, or semi-rimless. A fully encircled lens is a full-framed eyewear. Semi-rimless have frames at the top or bottom. And, rimless glasses do not have frames at all.

Group by Gender

Grouping frames by gender allows the customers to identify which eyewear suits their femininity or masculinity. Use separate optical for sale of your plastic and metal frames for men and women. If there is still room, keep the frames of men in one side and the women on the other to make a clearer distinction and make it easier for your customers to shop for their frames.

Place by Themselves

Place sunglasses on a board one by one. Frames for children should be displayed separately from adults. You should also subgroup the frames for children by keeping plastic sunglasses together and metal sunglasses together as well.

Use Decorations

Enhance and tract customer by decorating your optical displays for sale. Beach towels, starfish, and other outdoor items can be a good compliment to a sunglass display. Sporting goods can also be a good addition to your props. In order to enhance frames for women, you can make use of scarves.

Clean the Frames Boards

Keep your optical displays for sale clean, by dusting it frequently and maintaining everything well. Clean all the corners where dust usually accumulates and replace burn out back lighting lenses immediately.

Rotate Displays

Lastly, rotate your displays to keep things fresh. Remember to keep alls styles and genders together when you relocate sections. Bear in mind that styles of frames usually change. The new styles are released frequently and are appreciated by style-conscious shoppers. So, keeping your optical displays stocked with fresh looks and the newest trends will motivate your customer and increase your sales.

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