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Wholesale Children's Sunglasses Brands

Because children can be careless, sunglasses for kids come at an affordable price. This, however, doesn’t mean brands should disregard the overall quality of sunglasses targeted to children.

Dudes & Dudettes is the wholesale children’s sunglasses brand sold at Euro Optics UK Ltd in London with good quality sunglasses that kids love to wear.

Dudes & Dudettes is one of the best selling wholesale children’s sunglasses brands sold by Euro Optics. The brand offers sunglasses specially designed to protect children from UV rays and sun damage. They come in different styles and designs, and are very fun to wear.

The branding of Dudes & Dudettes Kids Sunglasses is engaging and appealing to younger audiences and their wholesale sunglasses stands are eye catching and fun so they stand out in any shop.

Dudes & Dudettes launches a new collection of sunglasses for children every year, so make sure you check Dudes & Dudettes 2018 collection, here.

Here at Euro Optics UK Ltd we pay special attention to the quality of our products targeted to children. Dudes & Dudettes wholesale children’s sunglasses are specially designed to interact and click with the creative mind of children, so that kids will love their sunglasses and wear them when playing outdoors.

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How to Choose Kids Sunglasses

Sunglasses are important accessories not only for adults, but for children as well. As they play and hang out with their friends under the burning heat of the sun, kids sunglasses are helpful in protecting their eyes from the damaging effects of the ultraviolet rays of the sun. By wearing the right sunglasses, eye damage can be prevented, allowing children to have fun and stay safe at the same time.

About Children’s Sunglasses

In order to fight the harmful effects of the sun, children should wear high quality sunglasses. Kids sunglasses are produced in various types, and it is important to spend appropriate time and money to choose the right pair for your child. Sunglasses that are produced for children are similar to that of the adults.

Some of the famous styles that have become very popular include the oval sunglasses, cat eye, round and rectangular shapes, as well as geometric types of frames, which are mostly made of plastic.

Letting Kids Choose

It is always wise to let children select the things they like. The same applies in choosing kids sunglasses. These days, many children prefer trendy and designer eyewear. The stylish appearance of the sunglasses increases the hip style of every child, especially if they perfectly match their outfit. There are various styles your child can choose from, which are appropriate for all types of clothes.

Looking Chic with Replicas

Not all people can afford designer sunglasses due to their high prices. Instead, others can choose design replica sunglasses that are made in almost the exact style of that of designer sunglasses. However, they tend to cost much cheaper, making them the right choice for people who have a passion for fashion but do not have the money to buy expensive items.

Kids sunglasses are made in various themes. For instance, Barbie sunglasses have become available in the market along with other cute, freaky, and fashionable eyewear. They can be purchased from retail shops and in online shopping websites.

On the other hand, specialty shops that sell sunglasses for kids specifically may be your best choice. Like adult sunglasses, you need a cleansing fabric, a cleaning set, and a cleaning spray to clean children’s sunglasses.

Have you ever thought of how to choose kids sunglasses? Visit our website to know how to properly choose sunglasses for your kids.

How to Get Your Child to Wear Kids Sunglasses

Nowadays, toddlers are both stubborn and independent, making sunglasses a great challenge. Young children who wear sunglasses are safe from the harmful rays of the sun. These sunglasses prevent their eyes from getting worse and from developing certain eye conditions on later years.

How to Get Your Child to Wear Kids Sunglasses?It may not be easy to make your kids wear sunglasses, especially during the summer when they really need them. Fortunately, there are a number of tricks you can use to get them to wear kids sunglasses.

1.      Imitation and Modelling

The hallmark of toddlerhood is their desire to imitate adults, such as their older siblings and parents. Kids hope to be older than they really are, so they copy the behaviour of the adult of the same gender. For instance, girls imitate their mothers while boys do the same with their fathers. If you are wearing sunglasses, it may be the best chance for you to model how much fun they are.

Ask your kid to pick out frames that he or she prefers, usually similar to your own. If you do not wear sunglasses, consider getting one to show your kid at the same time protect your eyes as well. Show them that many adults wear sunglasses and point out people in magazines who wear them to encourage them to wear kids sunglasses.

2.      Control

Kids between the ages 2-5 want control over their bodies as well as their surroundings as it is an important part of toddlerhood. It may be tempting, but never get into a power struggle with your toddler when it comes to wearing kids sunglasses. Also, never force them to wear them as it will only make them want to wear sunglasses less.

Instead, give him control and get him feel excited. Suggest wearing sunglasses for an hour and ask them what time they would prefer to wear them. The, gradually increase the number of hours he wears them.

3.      Creativity

Many toddlers love art. Take this opportunity to stimulate your kid’s imagination by going wild with their choice of kids sunglasses. Encourage them to decorate their frames and allow them to choose their own frames. Visit a kid-friendly store and help them pick out. Make sure that you choose the ones that fit their face perfectly.

4.      Rewards

Sunglasses mark a change in your kids’ appearances. Thus, it is important to make them comfortable when doing activities under the sun. Set up a reward system by giving them a small treat or toy every time they wear their kids sunglasses.

If you want to know how to get your child to wear kids sunglasses then do not hesitate to visit our site and learn more.

What You Need to Know about Kids Sunglasses

Due to the threats of global warming and other natural phenomena, there is a need to protect the eyes of your children from the damaging elements of the sun such as ultraviolet radiation. Parents are often concerned about their kids.  They only want the best for them. Thus, they are always left with the decision to keep them safe.


If you are into sunglasses yourself, you may want to see one of your children or somebody else’s wear a pair of polarized kids sunglasses as they look adorable. The good thing about this situation is that you know these sunglasses will protect them from harmful elements. Oftentimes, kids do not want to wear sunglasses as they bother their faces. But that is only because they are being kids. As parents, you need to take over and make sure that your children wear sunglasses for their protection.


It is important to take your time and conduct some research on the brands that claim to protect the eyes of your children. There are websites and detailed reviews from customers about the kids sunglasses that are comfortable to wear. While most people wear shades during bright summer months, it is also important to wear shades during the winter as the sun reflects of the snow and ice. In fact, wintertime often calls for more eye protection so make sure that your child has a good pair of sunglasses all year round.   


With the information and guidelines you should take to protect your kids, your kids will be safe in the eye area. Along with some research before you purchase kids sunglasses, you should also follow the price guidelines to get the most of your money. In addition, you need to develop the ability to show other parents that these sunglasses are the best option they can choose for their children to their eyes as safe as possible.

Sunglasses are fun accessories. Many children wear them as fashion statements. While they are fun, they also serve a very important role in protecting the eyes of your little ones. It is important for you, parents, to start off right by encouraging them to wear kids sunglasses to protect their eyes.

What do you need to know about kids sunglasses? To know more about buying or selling kids sunglasses, please go to our website.


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