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Allergic reactions to sunglasses Part II – Solutions

Contact dermatitis is an allergy that sometimes affects sunglasses and reading glasses wearers. If you experience itching or sore spots on your nose or temples or on you cheeks you may be having an allergic reaction to your glasses. Here’s what you can do:

Changing your sunglasses frames to hypoallergenic frames is often the only solution for allergic reactions affecting sunglasses wearers.

If you are sensitive to some types of metal such as nickel and palladium – common allergens – you should consider plastic frames (optyl, nylon and propionate) or hypoallergenic metal frames.

However, there is a cheaper and easier way to get temporary relief. Paint a thin coat of clear nail polish on the part of the frame that touches your skin – temples, arms or those little nose pads. This will provide a protective barrier – that should last a couple of days to a week – and a temporary fix to your allergic reaction. It is however highly recommended that you visit your eye doctor or optician for a more permanent solution if these type of allergies are common.

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