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How to become a successful eBay sunglasses seller? Part 1

If you are looking to set up yourself as an independent trader or a seller of sunglasses, opening a seller account on eBay may be a good way to start. Here are a few tips for those who wish to set up a sunglasses business or make some extra money selling sunglasses on eBay. Part one of three: What to Sell?

Niche is good

First and foremost, decide what you want to sell. On eBay people look for used items or niche items. So, if you wish to become an eBay sunglasses seller, it’s probably best you narrow it all down to selling a particular model or brand. Chances are it will be easier for people to find your products if you only deal with, say, wayfarer sunglasses or aviator sunglasses.

Become an Expert

Become an expert in sunglasses. So let’s say you are selling wayfarer sunglasses or aviator sunglasses on eBay. It’s good that you love your products and know all about them. You should know the brands, the best prices and be able to provide detailed description of your items, not just copy paste specs to your product pages. Become an authority in aviators or wayfarers, if you are selling them on ebay. Chances are your customer base will grow as people tend to give a more positive feedback of you as a seller.

Become an expert in eBay selling. Read blog posts such as these, with tips to help you sell on ebay. You may have the best products and be an authority in sunglasses but selling on ebay is an art in itself.

Before you start…

Get your paperwork in order. If you wish to establish yourself as a successful seller you will have to deal with wholesale suppliers of sunglasses such as Euro Optics. So make sure you know the tax/legal prerequisites before setting up shop.

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