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Is it safe to wear cheap sunglasses?

Sun damage after prolonged sun exposure can have a lasting effect and influence your health in years to come. It can also lead to multiple eye problems. The most damaging are Ultra Violet rays. Fortunately, these can be blocked if you wear the right sunglasses.

When it comes to health, everyone should be able to afford protection. That’s why, contrary to popular opinion, often cheap sunglasses can offer the same protection as a pair of branded sunglasses.

Cheap sunglasses can block UV if you know how to choose carefully. Sunglasses with CE mark, do not allow more than 5% of UV rays to get through. When buying a pair of cheap sunglasses online or at the store, also look for the UV 400 sign – this will mean that they protect your eyes for as much as 400 nanometres (light is measured in nanometres and UVB rays have 320-390 nanometres).

When buying sunglasses online or at the store, always remember that the darkness of the tint is not a measure of UV protection.

Also, many people think that paying more for a particular pair of sunglasses will give them more protection. That is not entirely true, but the real risk comes with cheap sunglasses that claim to offer UV protection but do not.

So, before buying a pair of cheap sunglasses, why not search online for affordable sunglasses that offer 100% protection against UV rays below 400 nanometres and that provide good coverage across the eyes and the skin around them?

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