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Buying Cheap Sunglasses Case Wholesale

Do you have a pair of sunglasses? If yes, you probably need a good quality yet cheap sunglasses case wholesale to protect them. You may wonder on which type of case to get, what the available choices are, and what benefits the different types of cases provide. It also probably goes without saying that if you are willing to spend more money for a pair of sunglasses, you should also be willing to spend the same on the right case to protect your sunglasses.

Most of the time, people consider the general sunglasses case wholesale with no function other than protecting the eyewear, whether you have designer sunglasses or quality cheap eyewear. To protect your sunglasses, there is sunglasses case wholesale that is least advanced and least expensive as well.

Usually, this case is not hard, but softer. It also includes a soft inside lining that will protect the sunglasses from scratches. For many people, this type of case is enough. However, take note that this case is not hard enough to protect your sunglasses from getting crushed. Some people prefer simple cases that store sunglasses. Before you choose a case, think of the times you will be wearing these sunglasses.

Two Types of Sunglasses Case Wholesale

There are two types of cheap sunglasses cases – the pocket style case also known as soft cases, and the hard shell case or hard cases.


The pocket style case or soft cases are mainly made of stiff and soft cloth. They are suitable for general use of sunglasses. These include a side which is open for you to take out or in your sunglasses, making it easy to remove and replace them.

However, soft cases are not going to do much good in protecting your sunglasses, especially in activities that involve placing the eyewear in your back pack such as travelling with transportation. Going every day for work with a soft case cannot protect your sunglasses from getting smashed as well.


Another type of sunglasses case wholesale is a hard case. Hard cases differ in material, structure, form, and composition. They can be made from plastic, vinyl, metal, fibreglass, and other hard materials that increase the protection of sunglasses.

Usually, they are more expensive than soft cases and cannot be opened on one end. They usually have a magnetic or snap closure that runs along the case like an envelope. They are suitable for athletes, children, and people who need more protection from accidental damage.         

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