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Tips on Buying Sunglasses Online

Like many other fashion items and unlike a lot of products you can buy online, if you’re thinking of buying sunglasses online you’re up to a bigger challenge than you may think.

If you’ve never tried buying sunglasses online, you have probably never came across with the challenges of ‘buying without trying out’. Indeed, when it comes to fashion and accessories, it’s always good to try out first. If you are talking sunglasses or reading glasses, the challenge of buying online increases. In fact, it’s not just a matter of size and design. It’s also about your face shape.

When buying sunglasses online, the best rule is that opposites attract: find frames that contrast with the shape of your face. Also, try and keep everything proportional.

On our Euro Optics UK Pinterest account we have created an Sunglasses for your face shape to help you find which sunglasses compliment your face shape. Have a look.

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Here’s a list of face shapes and some frame suggestions:

  • Oval Face – Classic frames and trendy frames;
  • Round Face – Rectangular and Square frames;
  • Square Face – Rounded and Cat-eye frames;
  • Heart-shaped Face – Aviator frames;
  • Oblong Face – Oversize styles;

Once you’ve figured out your face shape, and if you follow our advice, it’s fair to say that you’re all set to buy sunglasses online with a fair amount of confidence.

Buying Sunglasses Online that Compliment your Face Shape

One of the biggest challenges for shoppers buying sunglasses online is picking the right frames. Frames that compliment your face shape should always be the rule. Especially if you are buying online without trying out first.

Buying sunglasses online may be a challenge to some people. Yet, sunglasses can not only look good on you, but help you achieve something else. Let’s call it a little extra. So, here’s some simple rules for sunglasses aficionados that will help you hack your face shape.

  • Sunglasses with deep and narrow frames shorten the face; this can be good if you have a longer face and are buying sunglasses online.
  • Sunglasses with decorative designs widen a face;
  • Rimless and wide eyewear styles help elongate your face; specially helpful if you have a round face.
  • Legs that connect to the middle or bottom of the frames minimize your forehead;
  • Narrow frames help your eyes appear wider, in case you have small eyes.
  • Oversized frames for larger noses;
  • Printed temples draw attention to your cheekbones.


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