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An Alternative to Sunglasses? Sunblade – an adjustable Sun Visor

Sunblade Sun VisorRecently Google popularized a futurist version of glasses by adding a sound and vision cap to glasses in the much talked about Google Glass gadget. But way before Google Glass, Sunblade had already introduced the eyewear market to the sun visor, a futuristic and an alternative approach to sunglasses that uses an adjustable cap to block out the sunlight, hence dispensing with the need to wear any lenses.

The Sunblade sun visor is an adjustable sun visor and acts just like a baseball cap. Yes, that simple! It is ideal when sitting and viewing various activities in the sun, such as tennis, golf, football and other outdoor sports or simply lounging in an outdoor café or by the poolside.

Sunblade SunVisor at Euro Optics UK

If you are a sunglass retailer looking to offer your clients an alternative to classic sunglasses, you should consider Sunblade. The adjustable Sunblade sun visor means it easily blocks the sunlight at various angles. This can be particularly useful when lounging about sitting or standing and not wanting to wear sunglasses or a baseball cap.

Sunblade Sun Visor

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