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According to an American Optometric Association 2015 survey, nearly 50% of consumers do not check the UV protection level before purchasing sunglasses. In a world of ferocious competition across all sectors and markets, this number should be food for thought for retailers and independent traders selling sunglasses around the world and wishing to offer the best possible customer service and products.

Selling your customers the best quality sunglasses with adequate levels of UV protection helps build trustworthy relationships with your clients and attract new business. Remember: a happy customer is always a returning customer.

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What is the biggest mistake consumers make when picking a pair of sunglasses?

The top mistake is picking out sunglasses for fashion only. Contrary to uninformed customers and fashion victims, informed consumers are aware of the health benefits of wearing sunglasses. Hence, opting for sunglasses that can be both beautiful to look at and offer the maximum level of eye protection.

Paolo Renna Quality Wholesale Sunglasses


Due to exceptional quality Paolo Renna has rapidly become one of Euro Optics UK top selling wholesale sunglasses brands. The quality frames, contouring the face shape  and high levels of UV protection of the lenses help protect the eyes from the harmful effects of sun rays and brightness.

Paolo Renna Wholesale Sunglasses in the UK

The sporty design makes Paolo Renna wholesale sunglasses especially popular amongst people engaging in outdoor sports and activities as well as frequent travellers.

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