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Cheap or Cheerful? Choose the best optical frames

The best optical frames help bring the upper and lower part of your face in proportion. Hence, when choosing the right frame one should opt for optical frames that match the type of face, and enhance the look. Hair colour, along with face shape is also something to consider when choosing the right frames.

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Optical frames come in different styles, shapes and colours. For retailers selling optical frames, this means it’s best to opt for a trusted distributer that offers a large selection of different styles, colours and shapes.

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Choosing the right optical frames: not that simple

It is also important for retailers selling optical frames to know the different parts of glasses, as they serve different purposes and influence customers’ decision. By knowing your product, you’ll be able to advise customers when choosing an optical frame.

Lenses are the optical components of the frames. The optician makes the lenses according to the prescription and cuts them to fit the rim. The most visible part of the spectacles is the front of the frame. They are usually made of plastic or metal. Located between the eye-rims, the bridge supports most of the weight of glasses so a comfortable nose bridge is very important.

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With over one hundred years in the eyewear industry, Berkeley & Son produces wholesale optical frames to cater to the varying demand of customers. Berkeley & Son takes pride in offering a good quality optical frame in line with the latest trends and designs. So you can offer optical frames that will suit your client’s preferences.

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