How to choose ladies sunglasses

ladies sunglasses for women

Choosing ladies sunglasses is not much different from choosing sunglasses for men. Most women wear medium to long hairstyles. If you are buying sunglasses for women it is thus important to match the hair colour with the frames of the sunglasses. Because ladies sunglasses should always fit the overall style and personality of the personRead More

Sunglasses trends 2016: Opt for Aviator Sunglasses

Ever since Bausch & Lomb developed the first Aviators – now marketed as Ray-Ban Aviators – Aviator sunglasses have become one of the most iconic fashion statements. Originally created for men, soon lady versions were placed in the market, making Aviator shades a definite unisex must-have. If you like to be in fashion, you knowRead More

Get customers to your store with an attractive eyewear display

How to place sunglasses

As important as dealing with a good distributor of wholesale sunglasses and eyewear is the way you market and advertise your products. We’re not just talking about online or even offline advertising. We’re talking about in store marketing. In this department, an eyewear display stand is an eye catcher, as it adds visibility to yourRead More