Sea, Sun and Mirrored Sunglasses

Since their comeback, a couple of years ago, mirrored sunglasses have increased in popularity, especially among women in their twenties and early thirties. Mirrored sunglasses are also known as ‘cop-shades’ because their popularity with US police officers. The most popular design of mirrored sunglasses is the Aviator style. However, in the late nineties, iconic filmsRead More

Mirrored Sunglasses – Cop Shades or Futuristic Shades?

Mirrored sunglasses are sunglasses with a reflective coating on the outer side of the lenses, like small mirrors. Their popularity with US police officers earned them the nickname ‘Cop Shades’. The two most popular styles of mirrored sunglasses are dual lenses (in metal frames, similar to Aviator sunglasses) and wraparound (semi-circular lens that covers bothRead More