Designer Sunglassaes vs Replica Sunglasses – Spot the difference

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Designer sunglasses are usually expensive and only available to a few. The affordable version of designer sunglasses are replica sunglasses. If you are looking for designer sunglasses, follow these simple rules, so that you don’t spend money in cheap replica sunglasses.

Take a closer look at the product. Compare with pictures from the official website. If you notice any difference, the product is probably fake.

Designer sunglasses are usually sold in posh boutiques and department stores, not by street vendors. If you are buying offline and the sunglasses appear flimsy and cheap they are probably fake designer sunglasses, not authentic designer sunglasses.

If you are ordering from a wholesale website or on ebay, please read the comments of previous buyers. If the comments are mostly negative, you are most likely about to waste your money on fake designer sunglasses.

Last but not least, you should be aware that replica sunglasses also have logo and label of the designer, but with small variations such as misspellings. Also, authentic designer sunglasses usually come in a case. If a case is not included in the glasses you bought, then they are likely fake designer wholesale glasses.

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