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Armani, Hugo Boss, Chanel, DKYN, Dolce and Gabbana, Dior, Gucci, Ray-Ban,  Prada, Tom Ford, are well known fashion and sunglasses brands. But do you know these all British sunglasses brands?

Brexit is scaring a lot of people at the moment. The terms of the negotiations of the UK leaving the European Market are still a major concern for British entrepreneurs and business owners. It is somewhat of a mystery whether the country will suffer a major blown and dip deep into a recession or if eventually the economy will recover from the new place of Britain in the world chess board.

Yet, the UK has been a leader in fashion and popular culture and lifestyle trends for some decades now. Eventually – and were hoping for the best and betting here on the quality of British designers and entrepreneurs – quality and good customer service will triumph over any incoming economic mishaps.

Because this blog is about all things eyewear, we have come up with some names of British eyewear companies which will undoubtedly help to secure the British position in the leading global eyewear market for the years to come. Most are based in London, but there is also an entry from Edinburgh.

Baton Frame Works are inspired by British manufacture and produce high quality sunglasses to last a lifetime.

From Scotland, Occles arrives with slim designs with shades that block 100% of ambient light.

Moat House and Barrow and Flux produce wooden framed glasses and Magneteyes, Bonafide MC Ginn and Gucewicz Eywear are London based designers producing quality eyewear in all sorts of materials. Saville Row has been capitalizing on the reputation of one of the classiest streets in London. They have been producing handmade glasses since the 1930’s.

Last, but not least, Termite Eyewear is a new accessories brand that produces sunglasses handmade from recycled products.

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