Will your children need reading glasses?

June 20, 2019

By looking at kids when they are young, researchers have now come up with a way to predict who will need reading glasses. Let’s see how it works.

Across the UK many children experience eyesight problems from an early age. Some kids are unable to see close up. Many others are unable to see far away. It is a growing problem, with a considerable percentage of people that are nearsighted.

Scientists and researchers in the vision field have been struggling with the causes of eye problems. Yet, a new study suggests that a child’s vision in first grade can predict whether they will become nearsighted in the future.

It all comes to a simple formula for predicting if children will need glasses by measuring how farsighted they are by age 6.

Periodic eye and vision exams are key to detecting problems early on. Also helpful is detecting if your kids are squinting or straining to see.

Some studies show that children who are outside more have less incidence of nearsightedness than kids who are inside more.

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