Why Retailers Should Sell Sunglasses Accessories

June 20, 2019

When purchasing your designer sunglasses, you would also think about buying sunglasses accessories. Is it not right? You would like to hop in another store and look for the perfect accessory.

But, would not it be more convenient if you buy the accessory from the same store you buy your sunglasses? Many people would pay for that kind of expediency. Thus, it is a great idea for retailers to stock on accessories for sunglasses as well, to avoid disappointing their customers.


No retailer on his right mind would want to lose customers. Customers are really tough to land and they have become tougher to pin down. If your customers find that you do not stock sunglasses accessories to compliment their new shades, they would likely check out other stores. The main reason is that they think they will find it hard to get the accessory they want from somewhere else.

So, they would rather buy both items in the same place. As a result, retailers lose customers just because of their lack of accessories. To get rid of this problem, retailers need to stock more accessories to compliment their sunglasses.


So if you are a retailer who wants to keep customers glued to your store, stack a wide range of sunglasses accessories. In fact, accessories have become more important than the original product, which makes them sell more. They are much more in demand as they accentuate the usefulness and look of the sunglasses. Customers always ask for them.

Increase in Product Range

Stocking sunglasses accessories also increase a retailer’s product range. These accessories can even be used as promotional tools when sales are difficult. Many retailers use this strategy in certain situations in order to make good sales. Small accessories are given for free once the main product is purchased.

Since they are not so expensive, they can be real sales boosters when offered for free. One of the best promotions used by opticians to lure more clients is free check-up for those who purchase a pair during lean months.

Sunglasses accessories can be sold separately or together with sunglasses. They can be sold as part of a package deal or given as free gifts for wholesale purchases. Depending on the retailers, they can use these accessories as part of their business promotions. Whichever way they use them, they will surely increase their sales and stand to gain.

Are you a retailer and want to sell sunglasses accessories? Know more about sunglasses accessories and why you should sell them by contacting us.

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