Wholesale Polarized Clip ons 101: What Every Buyer should Know

June 20, 2019

Clip on sunglasses have become popular in the 90’s, particularly on the success of the action-filled movie “The Matrix”. They have a traditional style that many children, teenagers, and adults admire. If you are looking for wholesale polarized clip ons, here are some things you need to know about them.

Key Features of Wholesale Polarized Clip Ons

Wholesale polarized clip ons sunglasses have polarized and tinted lenses, protecting the eyes from the harmful effects of the sun. It also provides a stylish and classy look. Instead of glass, most of the clip ons are now made of polycarbonate lenses. They provide a safer and better vision.

They often present with 100% UV protection to keep your eyes safe from the strong rays of the sun. They also have shatter-resistant lenses that keep them safe and protected in case accidents or mishaps happen. Other wholesale clip ons have the latest development – scratchproof lenses. These increase their lifespan as they are tough to break even if rubbed against a rough object or dropped.

Colours of Clip Ons

Wholesale clip ons comes in various colours of lenses. Each adjusts to the changing light levels of the entire day. Some of the popular colours of lenses include gray, yellow, and brown. Smoke grain is also gaining more popularity at the present.   

Prize of Clip Ons

When you buy wholesale clip ons sunglasses with polarized lenses, you are saving yourself a lot of money especially if you are planning to resell them. They usually cost between 15 and 25 dollars when sold wholesale. When you buy them in pair, you can spend as much as 45 dollars.

So when you buy wholesale, you can add as much as 50 percent to your savings. If you are looking to buy with your friends or colleagues, you get to spend even more.

About the Suppliers    

Suppliers of wholesale polarized clip ons generally limit their customer base to retailers only. However, there are times when they offer discounts to individuals who are looking to buy many pairs at once. The discount is justified although you will be paying more for you are paying less per pair.

If you are looking to add spice to your wardrobe, but do not want to spend a lot of money buying new sunglasses, wholesale polarized clip ons are what you are looking for. Just be sure to pick the ones that will suit your personality and fit your face perfectly.

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