Which sunglasses to wear with suits

June 20, 2019

Sunglasses are not just a matter of style. They help protect your eyes. But not all sunglasses are suitable to wear with suits. Do you know which sunglasses to wear with suits? Here are some tips, if you are required to wear a suit when attending an event in bright daylight.

So, you have a big event coming up and wish to know which sunglasses to wear with suits. If you are wearing a suit outdoors, opt for Aviator sunglasses. These shouldn’t be too flashy nor too fancy. Go for standard Aviators with metal frames and dark lenses, the safest colour options being dark and metallic. Mirrored sunglasses are out of the question. Same goes for sports sunglasses.

You can sport dark Wayfarers if you are attending a funeral.
You can sport dark Wayfarers if you are attending a funeral.

In the Spring and Summer it’s only natural you wear your sunglasses even if you are wearing a suit. But in the winter time, if exposure to sunlight will not be that lengthy, maybe you should reconsider. Unless you are attending a funeral. In this case, dark wayfarers will do the trick.

Above all, when wearing sunglasses with a suit, go for genuinely good quality sunglasses. After all, finer materials will definitely  look more formal.

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