What are Clip on Sunglasses

June 20, 2019

Clip on sunglasses are not really sunglasses. In fact, they are just replacement lenses that are configured to fit another pair of spectacles. By attaching them to a pair of specs, you can turn them into something new and different. So what are clip ons, really? Clip ons consist of two lenses attached by a spring mechanism.

Each lens has a rod and a tube towards the nasal side, assisting the increase or decrease of the linear space between 2 lenses. They also include attachments across the nasal rim, which can be fixed on the subsisting sunglasses.


There are two types of clip ons – magnetic clip ons and flip clips. Magnetic clip on sunglasses are shades attached to the rim of the subsisting eyewear. They are handy and can be easily worn and taken off. On the other hand, flip clips enables you to wear the shades by flipping it as you wish.


Clip on sunglasses are not only used to accessorize or flaunt your assets, they also include a number of uses. The lenses of these cool accessories can be UV resistant, prescriptive, polarized, or can be adjusted depending on your preference. Clip ons can turn an ordinary pair of sunglasses into a pair of polarized or prescriptive ones.


Clip on sunglasses should be lightweight since they need to be attached to a different pair of glasses. They are often made of CR-39 for the best optical quality, glass for scratch resistance, or polycarbonate, which is generally preferred. There are various shapes and tints to choose from as well. Each brand carries its own adaptations of the clip on in the market.


Clip ons do not include frames, which make them cheaper than their regular counterparts. The cost only varies according to the design and brand of the eyewear. What is more important is to find clip on sunglasses of the best quality in order not to compromise your vision.

With a pair of attractive clip on sunglasses, you can transform your old and boring prescription sunglasses into a fashionable pair. Clip ons do not affect the quality of your vision, which makes it ideal for everyone who wants to hide their visual problems and avoid wearing the same prescription glasses. Clip ons provide them with a new way express themselves and sea clearer without affecting the way they look. Instead, they are enhancing their personality.

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