Ways to Optimize your Sunglasses Display

June 20, 2019

If you sell sunglasses, you have one major benefit – selling them all year-round. Because of this, it is important that you know how to use a sunglasses display properly, in order to gain the maximum amount of profit. You need to consider two main ideas for the placement, notice ability, and presentation of the display.

  • Placement

The sunglasses display must be placed in the store where many customers will take notice. Although they do not have sunglasses on their shopping list, good placement will compel them to purchase one.

One way to optimize sunglasses sales is keeping the display near the proper apparel. For instance, you should move the display near the swim wear and beach accessories during summer. By doing so, you will be able to keep the sunglasses in the mind of your customers, increasing the odds of them noticing and buying these items.

  • Notice Ability

You need to make sure that your sunglasses display can attract the attention of your customers. You should place it in a part of the store where many customers pass by. The display should be in an area with good lighting for customers to see the sunglasses clearly.

It also helps when you place it in an area where customers have a good deal of space, allowing them to try the products without bumping into anything or anyone. With good light, a catching logo, and an appropriate colour, you can increase the notice ability of the display.

  • Presentation

Along with proper placement and notice ability, you should also choose the right sunglasses display. If you sell a wide range of sunglasses, you need to have a bigger display; and vice versa. The size of the display determines the options your store can take. For instance, if you have a smaller display, you can choose to rotate it or not.

By taking these few suggestions into mind, you can be able to increase the sales of your sunglasses. Keep in mind that first impression always counts when it comes to purchasing items. For customers to buy your products, first, they need to notice them. To capture the attention of these customers, you need sunglasses display.

If you want to know the different ways to optimize your sunglasses display, feel free to contact us by following this link.

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