Ways on how to select the right prescription sunglasses for you

June 20, 2019

Sunglasses are more than just fashionable, protective eyewear they are also needed to correct vision and one’s eyes.

But are they really necessary?

Think of it as this.

Imagine yourself driving in a bright sunny day and the glare of the light is just too much. You pull down your car’s sun visor but it isn’t enough. So you pull over. You rummage through your bag and in your glove compartment and find out that you have misplaced those magnetic clip ons that comes with your prescription glasses. What a hassle right?

Prescription sunglasses are more convenient despite the additional cost it may take.

It is not just glasses users that find prescription glasses useful. In fact, even contact lens users are beginning to find them useful and a far more practical alternative whenever they would go out of their homes and in places where contact lenses can’t be worn such as the beach and swimming.

Prescription sunglasses can also be customized depending on what eye condition you have. There are bifocal and progressive lens selections for prebyopic patients and simple reading glasses if you are astigmatic. For swimmers there are prescription sunglasses in the form of goggles available in the market.

Don’t worry about being unfashionable because there are prescription sunglasses out there that are equally useful and fashionable. In relation to that, it is also good to know that designer brands also cater to prescription sunglasses, often patterning them after their non-prescription ones. However, these tend to be in limited stocks so it is best to often inquire with your local eyewear store first.

There are also wraparound prescription sunglasses however like designer brands; they also come in limited stocks. A disadvantage is that these are not recommended as they tend to distort your vision due to them curving around your head. If you must have such eyewear, it is best to discuss this with your optometrist.

However, when selecting your prescription sunglasses, the main points are still the same as selecting non-prescription types. Always make sure that have 100% UV and glare protection with a nice photochromic tint.

Do you want to know on ways on how to select the right prescription sunglasses for you? Find it here on our site.

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