Wayfarer Sunglasses – The Rebel’s Sunglasses

June 20, 2019

Originally manufactured by Ray-Ban, wayfarer sunglasses gained popularity in the 1950’s and 1960’s. But by the late 1960’s and 1970’s, the radical new shape of wayfarer’s masculine design suggesting an unstable dangerousness didn’t pair up with the flower power generation.

Though since the Summer of Love fading in popularity, Wayfarer sunglasses managed a lucrative comeback in 1982. The reason: a product placement $50,000-a-year deal to place Ray-Ban’s in movies and television shows – an advertising effort by the brand which continued throughout the 1990’s up until 2007, granting Ray Ban the fame and prestige within the sunglasses industry.


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Some of the films listed in our ‘50 Shades of Cool: Why wearing sunglasses is good for you’ list feature leading characters sporting wayfarers. The most notable example: ‘The Blues Brothers’ critically acclaimed 1980’s comedy featuring John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd.

The design of wayfarer sunglasses was a break from the metal eyewear of the past. Wayfarer’s are mostly plastic and the trapezoidal lenses are wider at the top. The frames were originally black. One popular variation of Wayfarer sunglasses is the Clubmaster model (Browline sunglasses but made of plastic).

Some of the most iconic celebrities of Pop culture wore Wayfarer sunglasses such as: James Dean, Elvis Presley, Bob Marley and The Beatles.

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