Useful Information for Sunglasses Retailers in the UK

June 20, 2019

If you own or manage a sunglasses retail store in the UK, finding the right supplier of wholesale sunglasses in UK is paramount to growing a successful business.

First step in finding a good supplier of wholesale sunglasses in UK and Europe is to go online. Reputable companies and less known wholesalers usually run their own website, from which you can get an idea of the styles and brands available.

Getting in touch and asking for additional information on prices and shipping options available to you if buying wholesale eyewear online it’s always a good idea. This is also the first step to develop a good relationship with your wholesaler. This will be useful in the future, in case you become a regular customer or happen to have special requirements.

When looking for a wholesaler of eyewear online, beware of dummy companies and scams.

Here are some tips, in case you have trouble distinguishing a real supplier of sunglasses in the UK from a fake company:

– Search for online reviews. Some websites are dedicated into giving reviews about particular products. Found good reviews about the company? Do good reviews outshine the bad ones or is it the other way around?

– Do you feel that the company website is legitimate?

– Does the website provide the company contacts and location? If so, when you call them do you feel that the person answering the phone is a legitimate professional? Here’s a little tip: ask him about a particular product listed on their website and get to see their reaction. If the person answering the phone sounds knowledgeable regarding eyewear and the company, chances are you are contacting to a legitimate company.

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