Top 10 Sunglass Companies

June 20, 2019

Sunglasses have become a very important and popular accessory for both genders. Aside from the main purpose of protection against the harmful rays of the sun, they have also been a large part of the fashion industry at the present time. Thus, more and more sunglass companies have emerged and have taken pride of their creations in terms of style and quality.

Here are the top 10 sunglass companies listed according to the popularity in the industry:


Ray Ban was initially designed for the United States Army in 1937. The company have developed a number of types, lenses, optics, and accessories. Some of the most popular creations of Ray Ban are wayfarer, aviators, and club masters. They also have various types of lenses such as gradient, legends, polarized, and G-15. Currently owned by Luxottica, Ray Ban is used by many celebrities and films such as Tom Cruise in the movie Top Gun.


Oakley does not only specialise in apparel and goggles, but also in sunglasses and prescription sunglasses. It is one of the sunglass companies that design sunglasses for lifestyle and sports. Their products are sorted in various lens colour, frame colour, and prize. Their products can also be customized to more than 30 style options.


Mauijim is a manufacturer of high-end sunglasses for men and women. Based in Hawaii, their polarized lenses are a standard feature. The company also manufactures prescription lenses that are made of polycarbonate and super thin materials.


Carrera is an Austrian company that started in 1956. It is also one of the sunglass companies that manufacture sports sunglasses. It has also a collection of polarized and normal lenses. It also has products for kids. The different categories of their sunglasses are craze, active, muses, and icons.


Most of the products of Persol are hand crafted. They offer three styles of sunglasses – classis, design, and suprema.


Costa Del Mar is one of the sunglass companies that manufacture prescription sunglasses and apparel. They primarily design polarized sunglasses and are known for their sizes. Kenny Chesney and C-mates are two of the main types of sunglasses they produce.


Prada specializes in high-end luxury products such as clothing, fragrances, and sunglasses. They manufacture seasonal sunglass collections depending on the current trend.


The product portfolio of Electric Visual includes clothing snow goggles, accessories, and different types of sunglasses. It is started in 2000 and is currently run by Volcom.


Smith Optics offers an extensive collection of sunglasses as well as protective eyewear, prescription eyewear, motorsport goggles, and snow goggles. They also sell sunglass accessories such as cases and cleaning kit.  


Spy Optic manufactures prescription sunglasses and sunglasses with trident polarization, a special feature of the brand. This feature has been present since 1996. It is designed to protect the eyes from glare and ultraviolet radiation.

These are some of the most popular sunglasses companies in the world. However, if you are not keen on buying branded eyewear we at Euro Optics will be happy to sell you cheap wholesale sunglasses. Visit us.

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