Tips on Finding a Sunglasses Supplier and Increasing your Profits

June 20, 2019

Whether you have a convenient store or an online store in selling general gifts, it is always a good idea to find products that can maximize your profits. With the increasing expenses, like high rents, you need products that you can gain income from. If your store does not seem to bring in the profits you want and need, then you need to look for other products – products that are low-priced for people to afford and those that are easy to keep in stock. You need products that turn over quickly and that are high in profits.

Something that do not take large floor spaces, that can be restocked fast and easily, and that people always need. You need necessity items like the sunglasses bought from a reputable sunglasses supplier.


Sunglasses are a perfect item to sell as they offer high profits and an average wholesale cost per pair of 1 pound. Suggested retail prices of each pair vary from 5 to 10 pounds, depending on the style and demand of the local market. On average, a sunglasses retailer like you can make a profit of 6 pounds per pair.


More and more people lose or break sunglasses, making them one of the frequently bought accessories from a retailer or sunglasses supplier. Also, the styles used in sunglasses change very quickly. Many fashion enthusiasts want to keep up with the changing fashion world, pushing them to buy many pairs to match their changing style and wardrobe. Like shoes, sunglasses need to go with every outfit to glamorize the look of the wearer.


There are two common types of sunglasses displays used in stores – a table top model and a floor model. These types of displays take very small floor space in the store. Most table top sunglasses display can hold 24 to 48 pairs, depending on the type of rack. On the other hand, floor models can hold 48 to 120 pairs. You can buy the displays also from a sunglasses supplier from 20 to 120 pounds, depending on the characteristics you are looking for.


You can find a good supplier over the Internet. You can easily do a Yahoo! Or Google search for wholesale sunglasses. You can also use wholesale catalogues and any other means to a find a good supplier.

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