Tips if you wish to invest in eyewear displays for your store

June 20, 2019

The eyewear market is getting more competitive than ever. This is especially true in terms of sunglasses. Hence, it is important that you come up with bright ideas to display your products, since standard revolving eyewear displays have become commonplace and boring.

Eyewear displays are crucial in making sure that your sunglasses store continues to be a place where people buy their eyewear. Here are three things you should consider if you wish to invest in eye-catching eyewear displays:

Choose an eyewear display that is both futuristic and sleek. Think Freudenhaus store. They turned their stores into a bare white space with floating sunglasses displayed from the walls in plastic or glass tubes. We’re suggesting you should refurbish your entire store. However, you can opt for eyewear displays that go along with your store’s architecture and decoration.

We are living in an age of form over substance. Image and design rule our perception as customers. Hence you should invest in the use of photographs to market your eyewear collections. If your budget allows it, allocate some money for photo shoots with professional models. Enlarge the photos for display in your shop windows. For a more comical effect, add sunglasses to those who would not wear them normally such cats and dogs.

Finally, place your sunglasses in strategic locations. This is one of the very basic strategies that you can use to display your sunglasses. An important area to display sunglasses is on the shelves near the checkout counters. This will let consumers to easily and quickly try them on and add them to their purchases. Also, place a mirror near the eyewear display to let the shopper see how they look.

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