Tip for Optical Frames Distributor: Learning the Parts of Glasses

June 20, 2019

As an optical frames distributor, it is important that you recognize the parts of glasses to help you identify what needs to be repaired in case you order in some broken or loosely-fitted items. Optical frames come in various colours, shapes, and styles.

They are made up of mane different parts that serve their purposes when it comes to how they look and how they rest on the face of your customers. Here are the parts of the glasses you should be familiar of.

The Lenses

Made of plastic or glass, the lenses of the glasses are optical component of the frames. They are the part where your customers look through. As an optical frames distributor, it is important for you to know the type of lenses you sell to cater to the varying demands of your consumers. While the optician makes the lenses according to the prescription and cutes them to fit within the rim, you need to provide glasses in various lenses to cater to the needs of your individual customers.

The Frame Front and Rims

The most visible parts of the glasses are the frame front and rims. The rims hold the lenses on place as well as the bridge. They are often made of plastic or metal. As an optical frame distributor, it is important that you check these parts for damage as customers will immediately see through any defects.

The Bridge

The bridge is the part that goes across the nose. Located between the rims, it supports about 90 percent of the weight of the glasses. It includes the keyhole bridge which is shaped like a keyhole, and the saddle bridge which resembles a saddle. It also works well with heavier glasses.

While some bridges have adjustable nose pads, others have a double bridge with reinforcing bar across the top. Knowing the type of bridge your customers want will provide them with comfort and you with sales.   

The End Pieces and Other Parts of Glasses

The end pieces extend from the frame front and are attached to the rims. They are the part where the temples meet. Other parts of the glasses include the hinges, temples, nose pad, pad arms, and temple tips. The hinges connect the temples to the frame and the temples help keep the glasses in place.

The nose pads keep the frames in place, resting on your nose, and they are often attached with the pad arms. Lastly, the temple tips cover the end of the temples to add cushion and comfort to your customers.

As an optical frames distributor, it is important that you know the parts of the glasses. This will allow you to understand your customers better and provide them with the best items on the market. Keep in mind that keeping your customers satisfied is the to your business’ success.

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