Three Things to Consider in Choosing an Eyewear Display

June 20, 2019

Since the competitive market is increasing as years go by, it is important that you always come up with bright ideas to display your products. This is especially true in terms of sunglasses. Since consumers and retailers alike deem standard revolving eyewear displays to be uninteresting and commonplace, you should try to invent some tactics on how to choose eye-catching displays that will help you sell more sunglasses. In doing so, you need to understand three things.

Three Things to Consider in Choosing an Eyewear Display:

Visualizing the Future

Choose an eyewear display that is both futuristic and sleek. This strategy was used by the Aigner Architecture in Germany for the Freudenhaus store. How will you achieve this design?

First, you need to consider repainting your shop. Turn it into a bare, white space without overly lighting the entire place. Have floating sunglasses display in plastic or glass tubes from the walls and ceilings. Each tube should be on eye level of an average man or woman. This should prevent your customers from straining their eyes to look at your displays. In addition, you can make use of large, round, and backlit shelves that are buried within the walls as a modern-style option.

Targeting the Leisure Class

If you are selling expensive designer eyewear, you need to market them to rich consumers with the use of photographs. If you want to sell expensive products, advertise using wealthy-looking and beautiful people. If your budget allows it, organize a photo shoot with professional models, letting them wear your sunglasses in locations where wealthy consumers spend time.

This shows them what it is like living desirable lifestyles such as in the gardens of multi-million dollar estate or an elite country club. Enlarge the photos for display in your shop windows and cut slits in proper places to insert real sunglasses.

For a more comical effect, add sunglasses to those who would not wear them normally such cats and dogs. You can achieve this by simply cutting slits on either side of the head of the pet. This whole idea is to promote your shop as the outfitter of sunglasses for the rich and for people who wish they are.

Placing in Strategic Locations

Placing your sunglasses in strategic locations is one of the very basic strategies that you can use to display your sunglasses. This type of eyewear display will help facilitate a purchase.

An important area to display sunglasses is on the shelves near the checkout counters. This will let consumers to easily and quickly try them on and add them to their purchases. Also, it is important to place a mirror immediate near the eyewear display to let shopper see how they look.

Setting up eyewear displays are crucial in making sure that your sunglasses store continue to be a place where people buy their eyewear. If you want to know more on how to choose eyewear displays there are articles in our blog that discusses this.

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