Three Styles of Sunglasses for Men

June 20, 2019

There are distinct features of sunglasses for men and women, especially when it comes to styles and designs. While sunglasses for women are usually creative and bold, with all those bold colours and funky patterns, men’s sunglasses are generally more sophisticated and conservative.

Sunglasses for men come in various designs. From frameless sunglasses to aviators. Most men sunglasses remain trendy all the time, compared to the dynamic trends in women’s. Here are three of the popular men’s sunglasses you should consider.

Rimless Sunglasses

This type of sunglasses for men is characterized by simple, chic, and versatile features which can be both oval and rectangular. Rimless sunglasses are favoured by high end designer as they exude a futuristic edge. They can also be worn in both dressy and casual settings.

However, rimless sunglasses tend to be more fragile than other types of sunglasses because they have no protective rimming around the lenses. They are very simple and unassuming. They also fit almost all facial structures, making men look good especially those who do not like the way they look with other styles of sunglasses.

Aviator Sunglasses

Aviator sunglasses were made popular by the young Tom Cruise in the film Top Gun. They are a timeless sunglasses for men made popular in the 1980’s. One of the well known manufacturers of aviators is Ray Ban which makes these chic lenses accessible and affordable to people other than the socialites and celebrities.

However, high end designers also produce these remarkable sunglasses and can be found in stores of Armani and Chanel. How can you distinguish aviator sunglasses from other types of sunglasses? Aviators are characterized by rectangular frames and rounded edge at the bottom. They also have thin metal rims around the frames and lenses.

Wrap Around Sunglasses

Wrap around sunglasses were also made popular by Ray Ban. They are popular sunglasses for men with heavy duty recreational activities like water sports, hiking, snowboarding, and other extreme sports.

Part of the appeal of this style is protecting the eyes from water, dust, debris, and other elements during such activities. They stay in place better than any other contemporary styles. Wrap around sunglasses also come in various patterns and colours. They are considered to be one of the most creative styles of sunglasses compared to the reserved natured of almost all other styles.

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