The Weird and Funny World of Sunglasses Part 1

June 20, 2019

Summer is at the door. It is time to grab your sunglasses, go outside and hit the BBQ. Meanwhile, here are some weird and funny sunglasses facts that will make your eyes roll.

Sir 20,000 pairs

British singer Elton John is well known for his love of sunglasses. He is thought to own the largest personal collection of sunglasses in the world at around 20,000 pairs.


Mind your Sunglasses

Every 14 minutes an American loses, breaks or sits on a pair of sunglasses.


Blame it on the Chinese

The invention of sunglasses is credited to the Chinese. Historical records show that in as early as the 12th Century the Chinese already wore sunglasses, both to protect their eyes from the glare of the sun and to hide their facial expressions in a court of law.

What did the Romans do for us?

The Roman Emperor Nero is reported to have watched Gladiator fights through polished emeralds – an early form of sunglasses.

Bausch & Lomb, not Ray-Ban

In the 1930s, the optical firm of Bausch & Lomb was commissioned by the Army Air Corps to produce a highly-effective spectacle that would protect pilots from the dangers of high altitude glare. The company perfected a dark green tint that is the basis for the famous Aviators, later popularized by Ray-Ban.

Italians Do it Better

70% of the world’s designer sunglasses are produced by just one company. Burberry, Chanel and Ralph Lauren are all designed and made by Italian company Luxottica. The company also owns Ray-ban and Oakley.

90 Seconds

In 2005, men’s sunglasses were selling every 90 seconds on eBay.

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