The day when I decided to use eyewear accessories

June 20, 2019

“Growing old may require us to use eyewear accessories to protect our eyes from further damage and to help our eyes as we do our office task.”  Those are the exact words I heard from an optometrist who chanced upon me while I was trying to relax my eyes by blinking it gently.

I was surprised when I heard her talking because at that time, I thought that I was alone in the office since it was then half-an hour passed our office hours.  Also, I was so engrossed then with what I was doing and I did not realise that someone is watching me.  I later found out that the person who gave that unsolicited advice is a licensed optometrist who was then at the office to fetch my colleague, who just like me, was rendering overtime work.

I inquired from her why she said those words.  She told me that she was observing me for almost twenty minutes while I was working on my computer.  She said she saw how I endure my strained eyes while working.  After she said that, she brought out a white board chart with letters and a black goggle (I do not know the exact term) and asked me if I could allow her to check my eyes.  At first, I hesitated but I later on agreed when my officemate assured me that her friend is a licensed optometrist.  80

After the check-up, I was told that I don’t have severe eye problem although I was advised to use an eyewear accessory which she called correctional eye glasses.  I laughed when I heard her say that I needed to use an eyewear accessory because for one, I believe that glasses are only for adults so I do not need it yet and secondly, I believe that eyewear accessories does not fit my squared face.

She realized at that time that I am not so knowledgeable about eyewear accessories so she tried to orient me about the advantages of using them.  She told me that as an office worker who is always in front of a computer, it is advisable for me to start using glasses to protect my eyes from further damage.  She also told me that using eyewear accessories like tinted sunglasses during daytime especially from 10:00 in the morning until 4:00 in the afternoon will save my eyes from the damaging effect of the ultraviolet rays of the sun. To answer my problem regarding the shape of my face, she told me that eyewear accessories may come in different sizes, shapes or frames so that users may select what they think is fashionable or fitting to their faces.

After patiently explaining to me the advantages of using eyewear accessories, I was finally convinced to buy my first ever eyewear accessory.   You may also find credible online suppliers of eyewear accessories.  Just be sure to make the right choice.  Avoid online scams.


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