The Best Designer Sunglasses for the Money

June 20, 2019

Just because some sunglasses are of designer brands, do not be tempted to buy them without thinking twice. Remember that it is not all the time that you get what you paid for. You need to be careful and choose a brand with features that will make designer sunglasses worthy of your money.

Do not just pay for a famous name without considering its durability, sun protections, and comfort. These three are important factors to consider when choosing a brand. So, what are some of the best designer eyewear that is worth your money?


Pair of Oakley designer sunglasses costs anywhere between  £130 and £490, depending on the style you prefer. These sunglasses are known for their durability and sun protection. They are known to stand up against harsh conditions to protect the wearers’ eyes. They are also famous for the comfort and smoothness they posses.

They even include thin rubber padding around the nose and ears. Although the brand is known for its tinted goggles, it is also famous for aesthetically pleasing sunglasses, which are suitable for a daily wear.


Although not as popular as the Oakley, Spy sunglasses are made for the athletes. They are sleek and stylish, which suits the style of everyone. Unique to their sunglasses is the Spy Scoop Technology, which provides ventilation in order to prevent the glasses from getting fogged when you wear them.

They also employ polarized lenses to protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun; however, they are not too dark to see through. On average, these designer sunglasses cost £48 to £85.    


Sundog designer sunglasses manufacture products for all kinds of athletes as well those people who just want to look stylish and protect their eyes at the same time. This brand uses a technology known as Mela-Lens, which blocks the harmful UV and HEV light as well as create a contrast to help you see clearly despite the dark lenses.

Their frames are made of Polyamide, a hypoallergenic and lightweight material. At the present, you can get Sundog eyewear for £49 to £60.

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