Sunglasses UK Care and Maintenance

June 20, 2019

Sunglasses UK have become a part of our day to day activities. They too catch dust and dirt and sometimes get smudged after wearing them on and taking them off from time to time. Regardless the type of lens, may they be designer or cheap sunglasses, they do become dirty and may look old.

Moistening the lens with our breath and wiping it off with whatever piece of paper or cloth we have is a common practice but it may cause damage to the lens, it may smudge dirt spots or it may even scratch the lens. Here is a guide to sunglasses care and maintenance

  1. Avoid breathing to the lens. This may smear dirt around the glasses.
  2. Avoid using paper, table napkin or toilet paper, or a shirt in wiping off the dirt; this may damage the lens.
  3. Use tap water, soap and a soft cloth for cleaning. Use a clear liquid soap. If a lens cleaner spray is available, it may as well replace water and soap. Make sure that it is gentle and safe for anti-reflective and tinted lenses. Other than the lens, do not miss cleaning and soaping up the nose pads, hinges and screw. These parts are also important to keep clean since dirt and oil may cause breakage. Dry the glasses with a soft piece of cloth. A lint-free cloth is often included when buying a pair of sunglasses. Paper products are not advisable to use since it has components that may scratch the lenses.
  4. Avoid too much heat exposure. Never leave your sunglasses UK out in the sun for too long, or avoid leaving them behind in your car’s dashboard. This may cause lens problem and this may cause the sunglasses material to wear out fast.
  5. Store them properly. Avoid resting the sunglasses on their lenses. Sunglasses UK come with a case or a bag, so it is just proper to put them in rather than just mixing them with all the other stuff in your bag.

Keeping your sunglasses UK clean and look shiny only takes a little time. Remember, sunglasses define personality and attitude. So clean them up and show off your shiny sunglasses!

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