Sunglasses Trends 2017: Tinted Shades

June 20, 2019

Nobody wants to look like Ali G. That’s for sure. Yet orange and yellowish lightly tinted sunglasses lenses are back. “Good-taste-meets-bad-taste”? Sleazy chic? Sign of the times? The reality is that celebrity fashionistas and a handful of other role models have been recently seen in public sporting tinted sunglasses. And you know what that means for 2017…

2016 was the mother of all years when it came to failing predictions. Yet, judging by fashion commentators, 2017 might well see the comeback of lightly tinted sunglasses.

Apparently, celebrities’ old darker-lenses-look for the eventual walk of shame is a thing of the past. 2017 will be more of Hello Yellow Brick Road and celebrities will fiercely compete to look like Elton John in the seventies.

Of course wearing sunglasses is not only a mere fashion statement but also part of your eye care routine. Yet, judging by specialists’ predictions, lightly tinted lenses will be spotted not only outdoors but also at events held indoors. And by light tint we are not only talking orange or yellow but a whole full spectrum of colours that fit all glasses designs and purposes. Yes, you can get tinted prescription glasses as well.

If 2017 will see the world through yellow-coloured sunglasses or not we have no way of knowing for sure. All we know is that when it comes to design, classic designs such as the Aviators and Wayfarers will always be a must in anyone’s sunglasses collection.

So, get ready for light as light will be the tone for the coming year – we mean, in terms of sunglasses.

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