Sunglasses Trends 2017 the Cat Eye Skinny

June 20, 2019

Combining the classic cat eye design with bold and more futuristic lines, Cat Eye Skinny sunglasses are all the rage at the moment. Famous celebs and bloggers have been spotted donning this variation of the old design from the fifties and sixties. Let’s take a closer look to what’s new.

Did ET’s just come out of the beehive? If you have already watched the new Gucci campaign or own an Instagram account it may well appear so. The strange sci-fi inspired sunglasses of the Gucci film and a quirky variation of the cat-eye sunnies trending on the famous social media platform are just two examples of Cat Eye Skinny Sunglasses.

Guicci Campaign 2017

Cat Eye Skinny sunglasses have taken celeb and fashion circles by storm, and this is all due to models like The Last lolita and The Fugitive, by Adam Selman Le Specs collaboration.

According to the website description, The Fugitive “is an ode to criminal illicit under-cover”. They are minimal cat eyes with sleek shield lens. Their Last Lolita counterpart rely on thick frames and flat lenses.

Both models are fairly affordable, unlike Gucci’s version of this new retro-futuristic design. However, though overall, cat eye sunglasses fit most face shapes, cat eye skinny sunnies may not be the design of choice for people with round, chubby faces. Yet, they are a definite must have.

Fashion trend for 2017 or not, it is great that sunglasses designers are coming up with new, creative models every year. This simply proves how fresh the eyewear market is at the moment.

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